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Next Week’s Pre Orders – War of The Spider and Blackstone Zoat! Also 9th Edition Starter Box News!

It’s that time of the week again, and Warhammer Community have shared the details of what is up for pre order next week!

First up we have Deadly Alliance for Blackstone Fortress! This was supposed to be going up for pre order just as lockdown hit, so it’s great that we can finally get our hands on this and paint up the first Zoat released for many, many years!

Next up is War of the Spider, this is the penultimate part of the Psychic Awakening series and has rules for the Custodes, Sisters of Silence, Death Guard, Imperial Assassins and the Agents of Bile – a new subfaction dedicated to everyone’s favourite flesh stitcher Fabius Bile!

Oh, and speaking of Bile, his amazing new miniature is also up for pre order on Saturday too! Can’t wait!

And that’s not everything being reealed on Saturday, as Warhammer Community are lifting the lid on the upcoming 9th edition boxed set! Make sure to tune into at 2pm on Saturday!

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