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Teclis and Lumineth Points and Abilities from White Dwarf

It looks like some folk are starting to recieve their copies of White Dwarf and there is a treat inside for us Lumineth Realm-lords fans! Points costs for some of the Lumineth units (including Teclis)…


In addition we get a sneaky look at one of Teclis’ abilities – it appears he is able to automatically cast four spells!!!! Is that four spells a turn!?! :O



Protection of Teclis grants an 18″ FNP aura – very nice.  Storm of Searing White Light is also an aura that deals Mortal Wounds to units within 18″ – does this only affect Chaos units?  These spells are all 10+ to cast so will be hard for opposing mages to dispel!

In addition to the spells we also get a glimpse of some of the other Lumineth rules.  It appears that the Alarith Stoneguard sport a 3+ save cannot that be modified by rend -1 and -2 attacks!


We cannot wait to see more of the Lumineth later this week when the Warhammer Community articles hit!

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