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Warcry Season 2 – What We Want To See!

With the final initial warband for Warcry, the Scions of the Flame, on their way when the world turns to normality; we thought it would be a good time to have a look to the future and think about what we would like to see in the pipeline for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Warcry.



It’s been almost a year since Warcry came out, and it made quite an entrance with an excellent starter set featuring the full rules, all the cards needed to play, 2 warbands and some absolutely excellent scenery


I imagine that if we are to get some further content for Warcry, then the first thing on the agenda would be a new starter set with some different terrain, 2 of the new warbands and an updated rulebook detailing the factions that we will be seeing this season.

I would also like to see a move in setting from the Varenspire to a new location – perhaps the subrealm between Hysh and Ulgu in order to tie in with the release of Slaanesh narrative? This would allow the existing warbands to make sense in this setting, while also allowing the team to introduce some bespoke Warcry factions from the other grand alliances.

I think this would appeal to the people who were turned off by Warcry due to the very chaos flavoured contents of the initial wave, and mean we could start to see some really cool stuff for factions who might not get a new Battletome for a while.

This is also a great way of introducing another new scenery range for Age of Sigmar in order to mix up our battlefields a little more – perhaps weird crystalline structures or some kind of modular cave (Similar to what we have seen for Necromunda in the Zone Mortalis sets). This would make the new Warcry box sell well to those who just play Sigmar and who want a great value scenery box )With some cool models and rules inside it!)


I hope that we also see some weird new stuff for the other Grand Alliances – Chaos got a lot of love with the warbands that came alongside the first season of Warcry, and from what we have seen so far of the Khainite force it gives us high hopes to see something similar for other factions too!


These models take elements of what we have seen before from the Old World and the Dark Elf range, but bring them up to date and give them an Age of Sigmar aesthetic


These models also look very different to everything else in the Daughters of Khaine range, which is a great way of expanding on factions, or in the case of these models perhaps even spinning off into a splintered sub-faction they can later revisit in the future if they prove popular.

So what would we like to see?

First look at Skaeth's Wild Hunt, a new race called Kurnothi ...

Well, the Kurnothi have been a popular new faction in Warhammer Underworlds, it would be great to see these expanded further into a warband for Warcry with some new units and abilities.

We have also seen a few Rumour Engines that could relate to new Warcry factions! What about the Seraphon?

Or perhaps some sort of crab unit for the Idoneth Deepkin?

The Ossiarch Bonereapers could perhaps get a few new models in a Warcry warband?

And it’s a while since we have seen any new Stormcast Eternals – perhaps a new Chamber opened to deal with the rumours of Slaanesh returning?

Some or all of the above could of course be related to Warhammer Underworlds, or perhaps even new kits for Age of Sigmar – but I think that in order to really capture everyone’s imagination, Warcry needs some warbands that appeal to those who don’t want to collect Chaos models.

So when would a new Warcry starter set come out?

Well, firstly I might be wrong and maybe we are just getting a new book to accompany the new warbands, however I imagine that Games Workshop tend to get a big spike in business whenever a big boxed game comes out, and would bet on there being one myself!

The initial Warcry box was released on the 20th July 2019 – So I would hazard a guess at a window being July – August, however I imagine that all bets are off as to when the current release schedule starts moving again, we could well see everything that Games Workshop had planned shift by a couple of months due to the current global situation. Warcry was teased back at Warhammer Fest last year, so maybe we were due some more reveals from other warbands – I imagine we will still be seeing what was in store from the Warhammer Fest previews, however Games Workshop might want to see some of the backlog released before they start to show us anything else.

So what do you all want to see in the future for Warcry? Let us know over on twitter!

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