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Warhammer: The Old World Update Coming to Warhammer Community Next Week!

Games Workshop have mentioned in today’s This Week in Warhammer video that there will be an update about Warhammer: The Old World on Warhammer Community this week!

We don’t know too much about Warhammer: The Old World at this point, just that it is a new system returning to The Old World on Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

We imagine this is going to be essentially the “Horus Heresy” of Warhammer, with square bases, ranked units, and a more complex ruleset heavily based on Warhammer Fantasy Battle (If not lifted entirely)

I also imagine we are going to see loads of gorgeous new models that will have all us oldies emptying our wallets at the chance of revisiting the Wood Elves, The Empire or the Tomb Kings!

When is it out? Well don’t hold your breath, at the last update they said it was years away – but hopefully this week we start to see a few more details regarding the game.

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