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Next Week – Zoats!

Warhammer Community have shared the pre orders for next week, and we are getting the Blackstone Fortress expansion Deadly Alliance featuring an old school classic re-imagined, a Zoat! There’s also some Middle-Earth made to orders on the way with some great models that have been out of production for some time!

Check out a host of out-of-production metal models from Middle-earth, a new expansion for Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress, and three new paperbacks this week. Here’s the highlight reel:

Middle-earth™ – Made to Order

Some of your favourite classic metal models for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game are returning for just one week via Made to Order, starting this Saturday! You’ll find loads of characters from The Lord of the Rings™, including the heroes of the Fellowship, Haldir’s Elves, Uruk-hai, and more!

Don’t wait to grab them before they disappear into the West once again. Now, if you prefer your games in the claustrophobic confines of an alien space station, you’ll be thrilled about this new expansion for Warhammer Quest…

Blackstone Fortress: Deadly Alliance

The setting of Blackstone Fortress gives us a rare glimpse into some of the strangest creatures and rarest artefacts of the 41st Millennium. This new expansion offers both, in the form of a mysterious and deadly alien.

Whether Zoats are new to you or you fondly remember the original,* you’re going to love this centaur-like creature. Festooned with exotic alien technology, it’s unlike anything else we’ve seen so far in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.**

The Deadly Alliance expansion is a totally new, standalone quest to test your explorers – replete with high-risk, high-reward excursions to put an end to an alarming phenomenon called the Seethe. Besides the Zoat retinue character, including its card and full rules for using it in your games of Warhammer 40,000, the box is loaded with location tiles, tokens, and tons of cards to represent new threats and loot for your explorers to discover.

The Seethe amplifies the ever-shifting nature of the Blackstone Fortress to never-before-seen levels of danger – and, of course, that’s exactly where your hapless explorers need to go.

They won’t be going alone – the Zoat known as the Archivist has promised your group free rein to plunder, so long as they help it recover the remnants of an ancient Zoat spacecraft. Complete the quest for unique and powerful loot! Keep an eye out this week to learn more about Deadly Alliance!

Now in Paperback

The Horus Heresy anthology titled Heralds of the Siege will soon be available in a handy small-format paperback! With the Siege of Terra series in full swing, this is the perfect time to take stock of some of the final events that led up to it. In this tome, you’ll find sixteen short stories from authors like John French, Gav Thorpe and Guy Haley.

Gotrek Gurnisson’s first full-length novel set in the Mortal Realms, Ghoulslayer, sees him seeking out none other than Nagash himself – on his home turf in Shyish, no less! It’s a thrill-seeking saga by Darius Hinks that’s sure to please Gotrek’s fans and earn him some new ones.

The setting for the current season of Warhammer Underworlds makes for a wild and savage backdrop for a clash between an ambitious Beastlord and a Sylvaneth Branchwraith. The living mountain, Beastgrave, rises from the primaeval forests of Ghur – this story offers a fair few fascinating insights into that Realm of Beasts.

Mark your calendars – the Made to Order items will be up for just one week, and the rest of these releases will be available to pre-order as usual. If you want to be notified as soon as they’re ready, make sure you’re signed up for our email newsletter.

* Check back later this week for some design notes on the Archivist’s awesome miniature.
** Including the original Zoat we just mentioned – the weapons and tech have been completely redesigned.

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