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Saga of the Beast – Prophecy of the Wolf Price Breakdown

We have news from War of Sigmar that the battle box for Psychic Awakening: Saga of the Beast, Prophecy of the Wolf box will be retailing at £105

So what do you get for your money? Let’s take a look!

So discounting the two new characters, What’s in the box?

10 Primaris Infiltrators – £35

A great start to the box, and some really nice models with a couple of different builds to fit any army. I really like these guys and will be adding them to the existing squads in my Iron Ravens

5 Nobz – £17.50

Now this is an older kit, but does give the Orks an elite infantry unit to march alongside Ghazghkull – I dont actually have any in my current force, so happy to add these guys even if arguably some boyz would be a better pick here.

3 Meganobz – £38

A fantastic kit that also builds a Big Mek if you wanted a second character choice out of the box!

That puts us at £90.50 for just the old kits – if you are buying from an independent retailer such as Element Games then you are possibly hitting the value of the box already!

This means that for an extra £14.50 you are getting both Ragnar and Ghazghkull! That is a bargain in anyone’s book – as I imagine they will cost a fait bit more money!


Ragnar – £25? (assuming the same cost as Tor Garadon)

A guess here, but that would put him in the same bracket as the other Primaris characters


Ghazghkull – £37.50 – £45?

Ghaz is a tough one to predict – He could be priced at a similar level to Abaddon, but it does look a very big kit so could warrant a bigger price tag. Thee is also the possibility that he is on a push fit frame similar to the recent Chaos Lord on Karkadrak, but would be surprised if this is the case!


So at the low end you are looking at a value of 153, saving you around £50 – which does seem in line with other Battleboxes.

At the end of the day, if you want the two new characters then it seems worth it to pick up the box for the extra goodies. Even if you wanted just one of the forces, I imagine you wouldn’t have much issue shifting the kits you don’t want on eBay. If you want to wait for them to be released separately then you may be waiting quite a while – at a guess alongside 9th edition releases for both these forces.

I don’t think £105 is a bad price at all (Would be around £84 from Element) and look forward to bringing my Orks out of retirement!



  1. I just wish the Space Wolves were… wolfier. I’m all for the change to Primaris marines and Ragnar looks great but the Phobos lads don’t scream (howl) Space Wolf to me. I thought this would be a must-get, being a long term Wolves devotee (metal Ragnar was one of the first minis I got back during 2nd edition) but I’m going to hold off until the Young King is being sold solo.

    Ghazghkull is absolutely frightening.


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