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Warhammer 366 – Week 9

I can’t really believe it, but another week of Warhammer has passed by rapidly! The main goal this week was getting the rest of the units for my Adepta Sororitas army build and base colours down, while finishing off all the infantry!

Day 59


Today did some more work on my Sisters infantry! Really enjoy painting red with the airbrush, really makes it a dream to work with!

Day 60

Day 60 was all about building the Exorcist, such a great kit and awesome in game too! Was a really fun model to build, and I’m looking forward to the Immolator coming out now!

Day 61


With the Purple Sparkly Unicorns event on the horizon, today we got some games of 40k in! Was nice to have a practice with the Sisters, going to have to make a cheat sheet in order to remember all my abilities and rules however!


Before the battle I also managed to so some more work on the sisters too!

Day 62



With a little more work  the infantry was complete! Have really enjoyed painting the Sisters of Battle and will 100% be adding some more to my army once this force is done for the event on Sunday!

Day 63

With the sisters almost done, it was only right that I took them along to the Purple Sparkly Unicorn club night to trial them in battle! I was playing against Mark and his Blood Angels and had great fun! He was new to the game, and looking forward to giving him a rematch soon!

Day 64


It was podcast night tonight, as we talked about all the things we want to see in Warhammer 40k 9th Edition!


Day 65

And to finish off the week I managed to get some base colours on my Mortifiers and Celestine – How did I get on painting these? You’ll find out in the next episode…

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