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Saga of the Beast – New Primaris Marines rumour

Warning!!! – Get your pinch of salt ready… 🙂

We’ve seen some interesting information online that states that accompanying the new Psychic Awakening volume – The Saga of the Beast – due to be released later this month will be several new model kits.

Now we know that a new Ghazghkull kit is on the way, and we also can sort of guess that a new Space Wolves character will also be released.

Here is what we have seen on Twitter…


If true, it looks like the new Space Wolves character will be none other than a re-imagined Ragnar Blackmane!

In addition, to accompany Ragnar we may also see a new Primaris unit which are described as having a shoulder mounted grenade launcher type weapon.  Upon reading this I instantly remembered seeing a sketch in Jez Goodwin’s sketch book of a Primaris Marine with a shoulder mounted weapon….



Could be nothing, could be something…I guess we will find out soon enough 🙂



  1. And 2020 was meant to be the year of clearing the backlog… Looks like it’s time to dust off the unpainted Sons of Russ and spend some coin.


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