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Warhammer 366 – Week 7

It’s been a busy week, but managed to get some hobby in and even managed to complete the Troops choices for my Argent Shroud Sisters of Battle!


Day 44



The week of Warhammer started with getting the base colours down on the Adepta Sororitas! I’ve found the airbrush really handy to quickly get some base colours down which then act as a great foundation for building up the rest of the model!


Day 45

Today was podcast day! A little later this week as Dave has been blessed by Nurgle – in this week’s show we chatted about Wrath of the Everchosen – you can listen below!

I also started tinkering with some lists as was due to play Dave later that week…

screenshot_20200214-221345_wh aos6862987601595974454..jpg


Day 46

The weekend was off to a great start with the arrival of two kits…


Sp promptly filed a couple of unboxings as couldn’t wait to check them out!


Day 47


Today I played against Dave’s Kharadrons with a toned down Tzeentch list, they actually did great and won the game due to their awesome mobility! Like a fool of a took I forgot to actually take any photos of the game, but just imagine sky dwarfs getting magicked off the board and you get the gist of it!


Also made a little more process on the Sisters of Battle with the main colours all down!


Day 48


Today another parcel arrived from the Forge Worlds of Mars… The Warlord Sinister!

Again we got another video up to showcase this awesome kit!


Managed to do a little work on the ladies too! Almost there!


Day 49

And with that the Sisters were almost done, pretty much just the bases left to go…



One good day should get these ready for the battlefield!


Day 50

And as the final day of my self imposed deadline was hit, I finally managed to get my first batch of infantry done! 6 squads of 5 sisters, plus 2 alternate weapons to swap out – I was really happy with how these turned out and cant wait to start on the next batch!

And so another week of hobby starts again! the first 50 days of the year have gone really quickly and feel I’ve managed to achieve loads in that time – and we still have lots of the year left to go!

Thanks for joining me with my hobby progress, please share what you are up to as I would love to see your hobby progress too!

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