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This Week’s Preorders! Valhallans! Black Library Celebration Characters!

We’ve got a small, but great collection of preorders!

First and foremost, over on Games Workshop we have some new made to orders! Available for just one week, the Valhallans from the Astra Militarum return!

You can preorder the Infantry Squad, Heavy Weapons Teams, a Commander and the Special Character Commander Chenkov. For those who want to go all in you can order a Platoon! Click this link to have a browse of the full made to order range.

We also have the very classic Commissar Yarrick up for preorder too!

Next Saturday is the Black Library Celebration! You can either pick up the models on the day from your local store, or alternatively you can preorder them from Element Games!

Valerian and Aleya, from the Adeptus Custodians and the Sisters of Silence Warhammer 40k armies, can be ordered today for delivery next week. Their rules are included within the box, and adds 2 new HQ choices for your army.

You can preorder them from this link, and save yourself some money!

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