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Lumineth Realm-lords Rumour Engine Analysis: Is Tyrion Hidden In Plain Sight?

I imagine there are lots of Warhammer Age of Sigmar fans out there eagerly awaiting more news on the upcoming Lumineth Realm-lords – I’m definitely one of them. I’ve been pouring over the Warhammer Community lore article (you can read our analysis here) as well as looking through all my old High Elves army books in an attempt to sate my appetite for all things Aelven.

I’ve spent hours looking at the images of Teclis, The Light of Eltharian, The Vanari Auralan Wardens and Dawnriders, wondering what other new models will accompany them when they are eventually released…and then it struck me, like an Arcane Bolt to the brain. We have almost certainly already seen glimpses of as yet unrevealed Lumineth models thanks to the ever entertaining “Warhammer Rumour Engine”.

So let the analysis begin…

Rumour Engine 02-04-2020


At first glance this looks like a Warhammer of Aelven design. The gemstones on what could be the hammer’s haft and the stylistic metal work which attach to the hammer’s head look Aelven enough, although it has to be said that I would not traditionally associate hammers with Aelves (spears, axes, swords and lances are their usual weapons of choice).

Another thing that strikes me as unusual about this ‘warhammer’ is that it appears to be formed of some strange material. It looks like it could be some form of crystal…aetherquartz perhaps? There also appears to be a marble like material on there too…maybe this is not a weapon as such but a more ornamental item?

It does, sort of, if you squint your eyes, also look a bit like a piece of wood – are we looking at this image at the wrong angle, maybe this is a wooden pillar, part of a big warmachine perhaps?

Final Analysis : A Lumineth-Realmlords Warhammer, perhaps belonging to a Hero or Unit Champion.

Rumour Engine 02-04-2020


Again, this does initially look as though it could be some kind of Aelven weapon or staff. It looks as though some magical staff is being swung around and some kind of magical energy is trailing behind.

We already know that the Lumineth-Realmlords employ many mages in their ranks so to assume this is a magical staff of some kind could be forgiven. Again there appears to be a strange material in use on this model, the crescent seems to be formed of rough cut stone or crystal.

I would not normally associate such a crudely worked artifact with the Aelven races, but we don’t yet know what aetherquartz looks like, so who knows. What we do know however is that the Lumineth mages align themselves to one of four elements – mountains, rivers, wind and zenith. Could this be the weapon of a ‘wind’ mage (that could be clouds or smoke trailing from the crescent) or perhaps the crescent is formed of ice, and is therefore the weapon of a ‘river’ mage?

There is also a ‘Craftworld Aeldari’ feel to this image. The ‘infinity’ style section that attaches to the crescent shape reminds me of the Spirit Stave weapons wielded by Craftworld Spiriseers in Warhammer 40k, although the sickle like crescent atop this staff perhaps hints at a Ynnari Aeldari origin instead, and is that spirit stuff being dragged in its wake?

Final Analysis : An Ynnari Aeldari weapon. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Rumour Engine 21-01-2020


Well this is an easy one ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a Vanari Auralan Warden…


Final Analysis : Vanari Auralan Warden.

Rumour Engine 31-12-2019


I think this too belongs to a Vanari Auralan Warden.

Final Analysis : Vanari Auralan Warden.

Rumour Engine 03-12-2019


Another easy one, this can be found on the base of the new Teclis model ๐Ÿ™‚


Final Analysis : Teclis.

Rumour Engine 12-11-2019


Now this is interesting ๐Ÿ™‚ The image is obviously Lumineth Realm-lords in origin, and bares a striking similarity to the horns that appear on both Teclis and his mount, Celennar. Just like the Celennar, these horns have a ‘cap’ on the point.

You can also guess at the size of these horns based on the size of the tassels in comparison to those on the Celennar – these look like large horns to me. You know what other Aelven mount has horns right?…


Ever since I read the Lumineth Lore Lowdown I’ve been certain we’re going to see a new Tyrion model top accompany Teclis. Has he been ‘staring us in the face’ all along so to speak?


Final Analysis : A Lumineth-Realmlords Dragon, possibly a mount for Tyrion!

Rumour Engine 29-10-2019


I think there is no doubt that this is Lumineth Realm-lords model. The Aelven style runes and blades of grass link it to the other Lumineth models we have seen so far. But what could it be?

So far we have seen four Luminth Realm-lords units revealed in full and three of them include some Aelven ruins on the base. It’s obvious from the blades of grass that this forms the base of some new unit but where this image differs from the Aelven ruins we have seen so far is that this one seems to be more or less intact.

I get the impression that this may mean that this is more than just ‘base decoration’, perhaps forming part of a new Lumineth Realm-lords scenery piece? but that’s not all, there looks to be some kind of griffon or dragon motif on the column itself…interesting.

Final Analysis : Lumineth Realm-lords scenery piece.

Rumour Engine 15-10-2019


It’s amazing looking back through these Games Workshop rumour engines just how long ago we actually glimpsed the new Lumineth Realm-lords.

Warhammer High Elves have always been closely associated with bows, from their Lothern Seaguard and lightly armed Archer units, to the Swifthawk Chariots and iconic Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower.

I have to admit that when I looked at this image again post Lumineth reveal my first thought was that it was some reimagined Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower, a heavy siege weapon that would add some additional ranged firepower to Lumineth armies.

However, the eagle eyed among you may have noticed that we appear to have been shown a glimpse of some artwork for an as yet unrevealed Lumineth Archer unit…


Notice that the helmet bears a slightly different design than that seen on the Vanari Auralan Wardens, and the Aelf in question appears to be holding a weapon which bears a striking resemblance to our image.

Final Analysis : A bow belonging to an as yet unrevealed Lumineth Archer unit.

Rumour Engine 01-10-2019


So you know I was saying earlier that Aelves don’t really use hammers, maybe I’ll need to rethink that long held understanding. This looks like another Aelven hammer, albeit this one looks too delicate to be a used as a traditional style warhammer.

I notice as well that the hammer head itself appears hollow. I’m beginning to wonder whether the hammer is a kind of ‘badge of office’ for a specific Lumineth units, the design of which is tied to the specific sub-culture that unit belongs to (mountain, wind, river and zenith). Perhaps this hammer is related to the ‘wind’ sub-culture, whereas the hammer in the first rumour engine is related to the ‘mountain’ sub-culture?

I discussed earlier how the first hammer may belong to a unit champion, it;s more elaborate design befitting a more senior rank. Maybe this hammer is belongs to the regular rank and file instead?

Final Analysis : A ‘badge of office’ for an as yet unrevealed Lumineth Realm-lords unit.

Rumour Engine 17-09-2019


This has all the trademarks of Aelven design, Precious stones, fine metalwork, delicate details. I wonder whether this image is a small section of standard or banner, there appears to be a rod or beam on the right hand side.

If it is a standard or banner it’s for a unit that has not yet been fully revealed, certainly the Wardens and Dawnriders do not possess such a banner (although the Dawnrider’s is quite elaborate as well).

What is quite distinctive about this image is the beading, this feature does not appear anywhere else on the Lumineth models we have seen so far. Could this beading also be associated with a specific sub-culture? One other thing that occurs to me is that the image seems to be cropped to the left, does that swirly metal type feature extend further, perhaps into a spear tip? Maybe this is a lance or spear rather than a standard/banner?

Final Analysis : A standard/banner belonging to an unknown Lumineth Realm-lords unit.

Rumour Engine 03-09-2019


Wow, here we are at the beginning of September and we have one of our earliest glimpses of the Lumineth Realm-lords!

The point on this image seems too small to be be a spear or lance tip, especially relative to the tassels that hang from it (the same style tassels that appear elsewhere in the Lumineth range). I believe this is the base of some spear or lance. I’ve looked again at the Warden and Dawnrider spears/lances and they have no such bases on their own weapons, so if this is the base of some new weapon it belongs to a unit we have not seen yet.

The angle that the tassels hang from relative to the angle of the point could indicate that this is a lance that is in the process of being lowered or held at rest by a mounted warrior – although there is no movement in the tassels themselves…so I am not so sure.

Maybe instead this is the tip of a large arrow that will be launched from a new Aelven warmachine. The arrow itself may be being carried by some crew or in the process of being loaded. That might explain the more ‘brutal’ looking design, although those tassels would be quite large in comparison…maybe this is just a regular arrow for the Archer unit described earlier?

Final Analysis : A bolt or arrow tip

Rumour Engine 27-08-2019


I’m not sure about this one but it could be a ponytail for an Aelven warior – or it could just be a different shot of the Vanari Dawnriders horses tail. The hair is bound with what looks like leather straps just like those of the Dawnriders.


If you look at the top left of the image, it appears that this ponytail ends up in some kind of binding. It’s hard to tell if this is also the case with the Dawnriders, but maybe what we’re looking at here is a glimpse of some lightly armed cavalry in the style of the Ellryion Reavers of old?

Final Analysis : Lumineth Realm-lords Dawnrider horse tail, or maybe some new light cavalry.

Rumour Engine 20-08-2019


There are elements of this image that look Aelven in origin. (the small metal brackets either side of the flame for example) but then again it also has much more brutal look to it than most of the Lumineth images we have seen so far (those barbs or points for example) – I wonder whether it is some kind of novel ammunition, like a glaive or something that can be launched from an as yet unseen warmachine?

It’s hard to tell for sure but is that a rope or taught cable attached to the base of the flame on the right hand side? I have to say I’m a bit stumped with this one, I look forward to being able to finally solve this rumour engine.

Final Analysis : Something related to the Lumineth Realm-lords haha ๐Ÿ™‚

Rumour Engine 30-07-2019


Now I know what this is…it’s a boot! ๐Ÿ™‚ But who does it belong to? The first thing I notice is that this looks like quite a brutal piece of footware, with that spike on the toes. Neither the Wardens or Dawnriders wear boot styled as such, so if this is Lumineth in origin it must belong to an unseen unit.

The boot itself appears to be made of leather rather than plate. I spoke earlier about a lighter Cavalry unit, maybe the Lumineth Realm-lords also employ light infantry to act as scouts, similar to the Shadow Warriors of old? It’s possible that whilst the boot is of Aelven origin, it belongs to a different Aelven faction – the Daughters of Khaine maybe?

We know they have an Underworld’s warband on the way afterall.

Final Analysis : Daughters of Khaine Underworlds Warband

Well that about wraps it up for now, it’s been really interesting looking back over the last few months looking for more hints of what might be in store for us as we get closer to the Lumineth Realm-lords release date. Please let us know in the comments below or on social media if you have any ideas what some of the above rumour engines may be.


  1. Awesome article! Very well researched and thought-out.

    But 27-08-2019 has already been revealed as Shadowsunโ€™s ponytail. And 20-08-2019 is too close to the art work for the Warcry warband Scions of the Flame not to be them.


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