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Start Collecting! Genestealer Cults – Breaking Down The Savings

On Saturday a brand new Start Collecting! Set is coming out for the Genestealer Cults. This is one particular box that a lot of people have been looking forward to in order to make it easier to build up an army! Today we are going to take a look at the savings inside and if this is a good set to pick up multiple copies of in order to flesh out your army.

Start Collecting! Genestealer Cults is up for preorder this Saturday with a price of £60. So what do you get for your money? Let’s take a look!

10 Neophyte Hybrids (RRP £25)

5 Acoyte Hybrids (RRP £25)

Acoyte Iconward (RRP £ 17.50)

Achilles Ridgerunner (RRP £30)

Total value £97.50

Total savings £37.50

That is not a bad value box at all, especially because it is chock full of basic troops that you will more than likely be taking in your army anyway! The only piece that may not be useful for duplication is the Iconward, and many people already have one from previous battleboxes etc, but theres certainly place for a couple of Ridgerunners in an army!

A perfect box would have substituted the Iconward and Ridgerunner for a Goliath, and the codex certainly seems to suggest one might have been included at some point, but even with the Ridgerunner this is a great set, especially if you can get it from an independent retailer for a discount!

Let us know what you think of the contents, is it worth it? Will you buy multiple?

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