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Sons of Behemat – Something GIANT coming to Age of Sigmar (Oh and Seraphon on the way too!)

It’s been a busy night for news! Looks like we have a glimpse of some upcoming Age of Sigmar releases!


Sons of Behemat eh? Who the devil are they? Well if you have the Grand Alliance Destruction book then you may have already heard of Behemat


Behemat, the legendary godbeast father of the Gargants! We also had a tease before Christmas of something GIANT coming to age of Sigmar…


The existing giant kit can make a few distinctive designs that could be warscrolls in their own right – Hopefully this also means a new giant too that can be built as a few new options such as a leader or a caster! I can see Sons of Behemat being the Imperial Knight equivalent for Age of Sigmar, allowing us to make an army of massive beasties!

In the same info dump we also saw something regarding Seraphon…


These are probably the last faction without an up to date Battletome – so seems a no brainer that these guys are coming! Also, is it just me or does the most recent rumour engine look a bit like a skink headdress?

Or maybe even the totem tops off the classic slann?

Image result for classic lizardmen

More news as we get it!


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