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Aeronautica Imperialis: The Taros Campaign – T’au Coming Soon?

A little Kroot-hawk has shared a whisper that the next Aeronautica Imperialis supplement will be featuring the T’au and tell the tale of the Taros Campaign

This is pretty awesome – and if true I imagine we would get kits based on the Baracuda and Tigershark (And could we get a Manta?! Fingers crossed!)

The Taros Campaign was previously featured as Imperial Armour Volume Three and told the tale of the T’au adapting the use of superheavy aircraft in response to the deployment of Imperium Super Heavy vehicles – so seems a perfect fit to represent the Imperium’s first contact with T’au aircraft!

Take this with a pinch of salt for now – but we are due another wave of Aeronautica Imperialis goodness, and T’au are a popular force with some awesome aircraft!

With a little luck we might even see this revealed at LVO this Friday!


  1. Gotta say, I’ll be VERY surprised if this is the case. We’ve had a second edition of IA3: Taros for 6E and since then we’ve had new models for the Barracuda & Tiger Sharks. I don’t think that FW will bother redesigning the venerable Manta simply because I doubt they sell enough to make it worthwhile; at 3ft x 2ft it’s probably the most impractical model they do, I shudder to think how people make up X flying bases for one!

    I’d love more Tau stuff – they got me back into 40k after a long break, auxiliary units (inc the human Gue’vesa from the original IA3) and something to improve Heavy Gun Drones especially but…I doubt it’ll be another Taros book going over the campaign for a third time? 😦



      (This is what happens when I’m half-asleep posting…good work sir, carry on…)

      *fades into the shadows*


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