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Warhammer 366 – Week 2

Another week into 2020 and another 7 days of Warhammer 366! If you want to join in then use #Warhammer366 on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Day 8

Today was all about getting more Zone Mortalis tiles painted up!



Really happy with how these turned out, and the Zone Mortalis theme is something that continued throughout the week…

Day 9

Today we picked up Mortal Realms Magazine!


And while we were at it, we filmed an unboxing to show you all the goodies that you get inside! Check out the video bellow, and if you enjoy it why not give us a subscribe over at



Day 10

Today I batch painted another pile of Zone Mortalis scenery, ideally I wanted to have enough painted for a game at the weekend – let’s see how I got on!





You may notice a Lord of Change lurking in the background – he had the blue basecoat built up too!

Day 11

Finally made it to Saturday, and had an entire day free to do some hobby – So like to think I got quite a lot done!




Pretty happy with the progress on the scenery it was time to try it out the following day…

Day 12

With the Sisters of Battle up for pre order it was time to give them a run out on the battlefield! And have to say they did pretty well scoring a respectable 14-4 over Dave’s Tau! Looking forward to getting some kits on Saturday to build some more ideal loadouts!


We also managed to play over the new scenery! I’m really happy with how it turned out and I’m itching to build and paint some more!




Day 13

Monday comes round again, but managed to use the evening to work on the Lord of Change! He’s getting there now and shouldn’t be too much work to get him finished!





Plan for Day 14 is to get him based, so will update this post with the progress from that later! Once done I’ll give him a glamour shot in the light box too!

Hope you have enjoyed this look back over the last week of hobby, and hope it has inspired you to do something similar!


  1. Looks impressive, I am just getting back into painting the miniatures afer a 10 year layoff, will follow with anticipation, I am going to make a page for my trials too.


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