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Next Week from Forge World – Adeptus Titanicus and Aeronautica Imperialis

Next week we have some more goodies from Forge world for Adeptus Titanicus and Aeronautica Imperialis in the form of Questoris Knights and Eavy Bombers! Here’s the lowdown from Warhammer Community!

Whether you’re into tiny planes, Titans, Imperial Knights or all three, next weekend is a great one for you, with new models and more on pre-order for Adeptus Titanicus and Aeronautica Imperialis!

In Adeptus TitanicusQuestoris Knights are loved and feared for their speed, versatility and superb short-ranged firepower. The latter is about to get even better thanks to a new upgrade set.

The Questoris Knights Upgrades is a new sprue that lets you equip your Questoris Knights with Stormspear Rocket Pods. It also features extra meltaguns for close-quarters battles, thunderstrike gauntlets that are perfect for building melee-equipped Knights, and additional heads for customising your banners.* One even includes a teeny-tiny crown – ideal for representing your Seneschal if you’re playing with Doom of Molech’s Knight Household rules.

These upgrades will be available separately and as part of a new combined Questoris Knights set, meaning whether you’re upgrading existing Banners or building new ones, we’ve got you covered.

Also available to pre-order next week are two transfer sheets, each festooned with beautiful detail and emblems that make fancying up your Titans super-simple.

Just cut out your transfer, apply with water, and BAM – you’ve got gorgeous, authentic detail with no painting required – check out our handy tutorial video to see just how easy it is. This time around, we’re bringing out sheets for the Legio Atarus and Legio Tempestus. Each also features a set of Knight Household transfers: the former for House Vornherr, and the latter for House Turbidos.

Aeronautica Imperialis is a game of tactics, reaction, and skill. It’s also a game where many problems can be solved through the brutal, sudden and overwhelming application of firepower. Which is where the Eavy Bommers come in!

The cunnin’ spawn of a Marauder Bomber and a Stompa, Eavy Bommers are massive flying fortresses armed with a brutal amount of dakka. May the Emperor help any who find themselves in either of its side fire arcs…

With plenty of options for customisation, this kit allows you to build two Eavy Bommers, with a vast variety of potential designs. We’ll be giving you some top tips on using the ‘Eavy Bommers next week, so stay tuned…

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