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More Next Week… Bone Tithe, Ogor Mawtribes and Ossiarch Bonereapers!

You might want to sit down for this one… Ogors and Ossiarch Bonereapers in a Battle Box – pre order next weekend!


How cool is that? I have to admit, dear reader, that I am rather excited about this release! Back in The World That Was I had a large Ogre army clocking in at around 3000 points, with the coming of Age of Sigmar they haven’t had nearly enough use, but looks like things are all coming up Ogors!

And that’s only half the news! Ossiarch Bonereapers are making their debut in the very same Battle Box!

Contents look to be:

  • 6 x Ogor Gluttons
  • 2 x Leadbelchers
  • 1 x Iron blaster
  • 1 x Ogor Tyrant

These will be facing off against:

  • 10 x Mortek Guard
  • 3 x Necropolis Stalkers
  • 2 x Morghast Archai
  • 1 x Vokmortian, Master of the Bone-tithe

I think you will agree this looks to be a brilliant box (Though with all the new goodies in it I expect it to be priced in line with the recent Elder Battle Box)

Both of the Battletomes are out the same week and it sounds like the Ossiarch Bonereapers will be a very unique army with loads of triksy shenanigans to pull off with clever positioning – should be fun!

And the Ogors look like they will be getting the Cities of Sigmar treatment by combining all the various flavours of Ogor into one coherent force (including the Beastclaw Raiders!)

Both armies are also getting terrain pieces! (Did someone say Mawpot? 😉 )

We will of course be covering all these goodies when they come out, but until then I’d recommend gathering up some bones, as the Ossiarchs are marching…

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