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Next Week’s Preorders: Iron Hands and Raven Guard

As is a Sunday evening tradition, Warhammer Community have lifted the lid on what will be up for preorder next week.

Spoiler alert, it’s more Space Marines!

Iron Hands

For the first time ever, the Iron Hands are getting their own Codex (Supplement!). If you like your Primaris with more bionics then these are the guys for you.

We’ve got the book…

The Upgrade Sprue and Transfers…

And of course, originally announced at WarhammerFest, the Iron Father, Malkaan Feirros!

Love this guy!

Raven Guard

Another new Supplement is also up for preorder next week, the Raven Guard! If you like your Marines stealthy, then these are the guys for you!

Again we have the book…

The Upgrades (including Beaky Helmet Primaris Edition) and Transfers…

Annnnd finally Kayvaan Shrike, in his new Primaris look!

I’m in the ‘I really like this model!!’ camp.

Eliminators and Lieutenant

The new stuff does not cease there, oh no, as we have the multipart Eliminators also up for preorder, along with a Phobos armoured Lieutenant.

Fancy picking any of the above up? Check out around 10am next Saturday for links to where you can grab your preorders and save some pennies.

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