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Next Week – New Space Marine Codex, Ultramarines and White Scars

We only had it teased yesterday, but next Saturday we have the brand new Space Marine Codex up for preorder alongside the Ultramarines and White Scars supplements!

Here’s the lowdown from Warhammer Community:

Brace yourself… this is a big one. If you saw our highlights of the exclusive Warhammer Preview that took place after yesterday’s Apocalypse mega-battle, you’ll know the Space Marines are resurgent and better than ever! In fact, the new codex, the first wave of supplements and some shiny new miniatures will be up for pre-order NEXT WEEKEND! Let’s break down what you can look forward to…

Codex: Space Marines – Indomitus Edition

If your love of Space Marines is absolute, make sure you get hold of the Indomitus Edition of the new codex. Not only does it have all the amazing new content of the standard hardback edition (more on that below), but it’s bound in a premium-quality, soft-touch cover and comes with gilt-edged pages and a black ribbon marker. And that’s just the book…

The Indomitus Edition comes presented in a specially designed box that’s covered in embossed details, along with loads of awesome, exclusive content, such as:

  • A numbered certificate, hand-written by Roboute Guilliman himself,* inviting you to join his Indomitus Crusade.
  • A double-sided poster featuring a galaxy map that shows the Space Marine homeworlds and crusade fleets on one side, and 103 examples of Space Marine Chapters with their colour schemes and Chapter icons on the other.
  • 10 metal Space Marine Company coins (great for Objective Markers), each featuring a Company number on one side and the Company Captain’s honorific on the reverse.
  • 124 cards for easy reference during a game, divided into three sets:
    • Set 1 – 49 cards (36 Tactical Objectives, 13 psychic powers)
    • Set 2 – 48 cards (38 Stratagems, 3 Combat Doctrines, 7 Litanies of Battle)
    • Set 3 – 27 Chapter Tactics (8 Chapter Tactics, 19 Successor Tactics)

The Indomitus Edition is strictly limited to 800 copies, so don’t miss out. Seriously – calibrate your chronometer, get your parents or partner to kick you out of bed, do whatever you need to do to make sure you’re online and ready to pre-order this incredible set!

Codex: Space Marines

The new codex features the most exhaustive background and bestiary for the Space Marines that we’ve ever compiled into a single book. The origins and purpose of the Primaris Marines have also been covered in intimate detail, including their creation by the genius of Belisarius Cawl and their role within the Indomitus Crusade, as well as their integration within the existing Chapters and creation of new Chapters through the Ultima Founding.

On the battlefield, the army-wide abilities of the Space Marines have been overhauled, leading to a wealth of expanded rules. In addition to the freedom for the First Founding Chapters and their successors to make use of all 76 datasheets included in the codex,** there are customisable Successor Chapter Tactics, two psychic disciplines, Litanies of Faith that can be bellowed forth by the Chaplains and more besides!

Codex: Space Marines will be available in hardback and digital formats.

Datacards: Space Marines

As even the lowliest Chapter serf knows, the Space Marines are equipped with the finest wargear Mankind can provide to ensure their success in battle – and you should be too! Thankfully, the Space Marine Datacards set has you covered, as it includes 36 Tactical Objectives, 38 Stratagems, 13 psychic powers, seven Litanies of Battle and three Combat Doctrines to help you keep track of all the in-game effects.

Codex Supplements: Ultramarines and White Scars

Codex: Space Marines enables you to field armies belonging to any Chapter (or even one of your own creation). However, if you seek to take your dedication to the First Founding Chapters (and their successors) to the next level, that’s where the codex supplements come in…

The enormous background sections of each supplement will bring a new level of depth, with detailed breakdowns of Chapter organisation and iconography, as well as their full history and a bestiary of their unique Characters and units. The codex supplements will also include all of their associated Chapter’s named Characters and other units – such as Chief Librarian Tigurius, Kor’sarro Khan and a Khan on Bike – along with bespoke relics, psychic powers, Warlord Traits and many other abilities that help to define their character.

The first two codex supplements in the upcoming range – which are also available to pre-order next weekend – are for the noble Ultramarines and fiercely proud White Scars. Both supplements will be available as a Collector’s Edition (with fantastic full-cover art), standard hardback and in a digital format.

If you’re picking up one, or both, of the codex supplements, don’t forget to grab the accompanying Datacards. Each set features all of their Chapter’s bespoke Tactical Objectives and Stratagems, as well as the seven psychic power cards from the Indomitus discipline (Ultramarines) and Stormspeaking discipline (White Scars).


Of course, no release would be complete without dice – show your allegiance to the Ultramarines and White Scars with their Chapter-specific dice sets!

New and New(ish) Miniatures!

To celebrate the launch of their codex supplements, the Ultramarines and White Scars will each be receiving an incredible new miniature of a legendary hero from their respective Chapters who have now crossed the Rubicon Primaris. Welcome the new Chief Librarian Tigurius and Kor’sarro Khan (the latter accompanied by an ancient Chogorian cyber berkut called Anzuq). We could rant and rave about how awesome they are, but in this case it seems more appropriate to let the models themselves do the talking – behold!


But that’s not all – remember this guy from the Wake the Dead boxed set? Well, as of next weekend, you’ll be able to order this awesome Primaris Lieutenant with Power Sword separately!

On the topic of new miniatures, you’ll soon be able to upgrade the Mk X Tacticus and Gravis power armour of your White Scars Primaris models and kit them out in Chapter-specific transfers with the aptly named White Scars Primaris Upgrades and Transfers set!

With the excitement palpable, we managed to corral together some of the most fanatical Space Marines fans (some of whom were writers and miniatures designers responsible for developing the new Space Marines books and miniatures), to speak with them about why they love the Emperor’s Finest so much.

What a glorious time to be alive! If you’re a fan of the mighty Adeptus Astartes, prepare to enter a new golden age. All of these fantastic new books, cards, dice and miniatures – and of course the mighty Indomitus Edition – will be available to pre-order next weekend.

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