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More Saturday Pre Orders – Eowyn & Merry, Battle Companies and More Middle Earth Re Releases!

Looks like we have got even more stuff on the way for Pre Order this Saturday!

Warhammer Community dropped the news that we have some Middle Earth stuff coming! First of all, Battle Companies is being re-released with brand new content and goodies for fans of skirmishes in Middle Earth. Small Warbands slowly build up power and experience, and it really seems a great way to dip your toe into the Strategy Battle Game



We also have some new miniatures in the form of Eowyn and Merry! This brand new set representing Eowyn’s persona Dernhelm at the Battle of Pelennor Fields includes new sculpts for both characters, both on foot and riding their mount, Eowyn also has head options to allow her to be used for either of her profiles!


This is gorgeous set I can’t wait to get my hands on!

Finally, thanks to eagle eye watches on the Great British Hobbit League Facebook page we know there will be some old Lord of the Rings miniatures coming back too! We don’t know if these are general release or made to order, but there are some gems that currently go for a pretty penny on eBay!


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