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Abaddon Returns! Imperium Nihilus: Viglus Ablaze

And so, 80 days have passed since Haakern Worldclaimer declared that Vigilus would fall to the Warmaster…

Warhammer Community have lifted the lid on something awesome…

HE has returned!

Abaddon. The despoiler. Son of Horus. The Imperium’s doom.


And what an absolutely phenomenal model he is! Every part the dark counterpart to Guilliman, and finally a worthy model to represent the big bad of the 40k universe! He’s certainly come a long way from his previous incarnation…

Image result for abaddon

The new Abaddon also has some optional features such as the choice of leaving his cloak off the model, and a selection of three heads!


We cant wait to see this guy in the flesh, and I’m itching to get him painted up already!!

But that’s not all Games Workshop revealed today

Imperium Nihilus: Vigilus Ablaze! The second part of the Imperium Nihilus series deals with the Chaos assault of Vigilus, and Specialist Detachments for those forces! The first instalment was a brilliant book, and I’m sure this will be too!

Finally we got a peak at one of the many models coming in a wave of new Chaos Space Marines – A Havok wielding a new gun!

That’s some serious firepower he is packing!

Sounds like we will be hearing lots more over the next few weeks…

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  1. It’s not really a new gun, it’s a rotor gun that should be better than the 30k rotor guns, if the other 8th edition rotor gun stats are anything to go by.


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