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Next Week’s Preorder: Shadowspear!

Yep, after all the teasing, the latest big battle box from Games Workshop will be up for preorder next Saturday, Shadowspear!

It is crammed full of brand new minis, some we’ve seen already, but others we haven’t.

It’s Space Marines Vs Chaos! Let’s see what’s inside!

Daemonkin: Chaos Space Marines

Led by the Master of Possesions we have the Daemonkin. Complete with a mini codex with stratagems, warlords traits and psychic powers.

The minis look brilliant, for me in particular the Obliterators and the Marines.

Vanguard: Primaris Space Marines

With a Captain leading the charge, here come the vanguard of a Primaris force.

Again with a codex to either use along side the normal Marine codex or as a stand-alone, their are some fantastic minis in this set. I already loved the librarian, and I’m now adding the new Lieutenant (seriously could be my favourite one so far!) and Vanguard Marines to the list. Not sure on the massive autocannons on the jet pack Marines, but they could grow on me!

As with all battleboxes you get a campaign book and all the basic rules for playing a game of Warhammer 40,000.

More reveals are promised, as let’s not forget the Vigilus countdown only has two days remaining.

Abaddon is coming. Prepare yourselves!!

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