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Tale of Gamers 40k: Dave’s Aeldari Ulthwe Army

Hello, My Name is Dave…

Last year was the most productive year I’ve ever had in the hobby so far. Not only has this site right here, which I started with Matt only one year prior, started to really flourish, but I as a gamer and hobbyist have really come out of my shell.

I’ve gone from someone who would use a different unpainted army week in week out, to someone who reads my battletomes and codexes front to back, and have the confidence to pick up a brush and get some paint on those models.

I’ve tried painting projects before, but this time it all feels a bit different. Myself, Matt, Jay and a couple of other friends are determined to put out our pledges month by month, until we have a fully fledged army battlefield ready.

To mix things up a bit we’ve started 2019 with brand new Warhammer 40k armies. For February we’ll switch systems to Age of Sigmar, then in March it’s back to 40k…and so on. During each month we’ll have a budget of between £50 to £60 to build and paint models from our new armies.

So without further ado (unless you’ve been listening to the podcast, if so you know exactly what I’m using and painting!), let’s get stuck into my Tale of Gamers 40k army. Who I’m collecting and why.

Craftworld Eldar: Ulthwe

There are very few armies I feel that offer the flexibility that the Eldar do. A long staple of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, the Eldar were awesome, then went and created a Chaos god and have struggled to keep their place in the universe ever since.

The Eldar (or Aeldari nowadays) present to me a couple of challenges, the first being how they fight. They are quite a tactical army on paper, choosing the right units to get the job done. They can be quite squishy, thanks to being toughness 3 across most of the infantry. They can pack some firepower, albeit at close range so you’ve got to watch out for those charges in your opposing players turn.

The second challenge is the level of additional detail on the models themselves. I’ve gone with the Craftworld Ulthwe for my tales in part due to the not so harsh paint scheme, the lore and the rules they have (at least 6+FNP on pretty much everything? Cool!). Whilst black and bone maybe the overall scheme, they are littered with gems, and with them being so black it means I’m going to have to face my painting fear and learn to highlight well. If last year for me was about getting models painted to a basic tabletop standard, this year I really need to try and expand on this.

Why the Aeldari?

They have a brilliant range of models. Even your common Guardian, as old as they maybe, are great. The vehicles are sleek and who doesn’t love the Wraith constructs. Yeah, I do hope the Aspect Warriors eventually get done in plastic (will be having a unit of Dire Avengers in my army quite quickly) the current range still look great, in particular the Dark Reapers and Swooping Hawks.

I like armies that feature in every phase of the game, which the Aeldari do. Quick movement, great shooting, some nice buffing and offensive psychic powers and a few units more than capable of mixing it up in close quarters combat.

With the ongoing story arch over on Vigilus, I also wanted to ensure I picked an army currently in the storyline. These guys fit the bill.

Month One Progress

Onto my progress so far, as we are about half way through the month. My first month pledge has been heavily influenced by some models I picked up from Jay.

  • Autuarch with Swooping Hawk Wings
  • 10x Guardians with a Starcannon Platform
  • 5 Wraithblades with Axes and Shields

I wanted to ensure I started with a HQ and Troops choice, as I want to try and finish each month with a small army that can quickly take to the battlefield for some games regardless of the scenario.

I also had my eye on future months and an eventually army list I’d use. I’d have liked to go in with a Farseer to start, but I’ll get one of them in the Start Collecting Box soon enough.

I fear I may have lost my chance to grab a ‘Wake the Dead’ box (super awesome value but now discontinued), but never mind. I’m sure I can grab that Spirit Seer at some point.

I’m quite far along with painting the Autarch, whilst work is going on with 2 Wraithblades and 6 Guardians. I haven’t done any highlighting yet, as I want to get everything to a certain standard first. I intend to have the remaining Wraithblades and Guardians to the same standard after the weekend.

I’ve gone with a black undercoat, washed down, before picking out the bone originally with a couple of layers of Zandri Dust, which I shall try to highlight with Ushabti Bone eventually. I haven’t yet decided how to highlight the black. Thunderhawk Blue or Eshin Grey are potential choices at present.

I know some of you maybe thinking I could have pushed the boat out more, but my main goals for this is to have a fully tabletop ready painted army, with pledges I can stick to month by month. Whilst trying to push my painting I don’t want to risk not finishing my pledges. I’m still trying to grow in confidence with my painting.

I’m loving painting and reading about these guys, and I’m really keen to see how they do on the tabletop!

I’ll post an update before the end of the month, and hopefully I’ll have a mini game under my belt before then too!

You can keep up to date with our Tale of Gamers projects by listening to our weekly podcast, which is available across various audio platforms including Apple Music, Spotify and Google Podcasts. You can listen to our latest show here.


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