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Today’s Preorders! Vigilus Defiant, Chapter Approved & New Characters

Fans of Warhammer 40,000, today is all about you!

It’s time to change the meta…

Chapter Approved

Points changes! New scenarios! Looted Wagons! Rules for Farsight’s 8! A jam packed book. Essential for 40k gamers.

You can also pick up the Warlord Edition, which includes a number of additional gaming components, including data cards for the beta rules for Sisters of Battle and turn/victory point trackers.

Vigilus Defiant

It’s all about Vigilus at the moment, and it’s time for us gamers to play out the war that is ravaging the planet!

Featuring lots of missions, battleplans, specialist detachments and datasheets for new characters.

Marneus Calgar & Honour Guard

Calgar has been Primaris’ed! He looks awesome, and comes complete with two Honour Guard who excel in combat as well as taking some of the hits aimed at your Ultramarine HQs!

Haarken Worldclaimer

Sent to the planet by Abbadon, Haaken declares he will claim the planet within 80 days! A fantastic new addition to Chaos forces, in particular those who collect the Black Legion.

You’ll also be able to grab the original Honour Guard who are returning, as well as the Necron Crytek who was only available in Forge Bane.

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