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Spiel reveals – Undead Blood Bowl, Mollog’s Mob for Nightvault and Anvalor, a new board game!

Warhammer Community have just made a huge reveal from Spiel about some awesome upcoming goodies!

First up we have the Undead for Blood Bowl! These guys look amazing with lots of unique sculpts – I know fellow Sprewer Dave will be eager to pick these guys up!

Next are Mollog’s Mob, a rather anticipated gang for Warhammer Underworlds Nightvault! Don’t they look amazing?! We have seen the Troggoth and the bat squig, but we have some new creatures in the form of spiteshroom and stalagsquig!

And finally we have a new board game from Wizkids on the way called The Rise and Fall of Anvalor! It looks to be 1-6 players with an assortment of factions to play as!

We will be bringing more updates on these as we get them!

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