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New Ork Scenery Incoming?

So Matt and I were chatting about all things Orks, what we could see when the new codex lands when Matt suddenly spotted something:

“Dave, what do you see here?”

Why Matt…that is an awesome new Ork Buggy!

“No Dave…what’s that thing BEHIND it?”

Ah. I replied.

It’s perfectly reasonable to think we shall get a piece of scenery for the Orks, as just recently we’ve seen a few new books land with unique scenery, such as the Deepkin Boat, the Shrine for the Imperial Knights and the upcoming Herdstone for the Beasts Of Chaos.

It’s being rumoured that we’ll see some Ork barricades in the Speed Freeks box, but this looks bigger.

Some of our Twitter followers (looking at you @TG_ZoBo and @VincentKnotley) have heard rumours of something which gives bonuses to nearby Orks, and potentially a ‘Mekshop’. How awesome would that be!

We may not have to wait for long, as Games Workshop are dropping a big Studio Preview at NOVA on Wednesday.

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