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Middle Earth Accessories Incoming

Games Workshop recently unveiled a new Lord of the Rings/Middle Earth boxed set, The Battle for Pelennor Fields, which is jam packed full of content!

Continuing on with the resurgence of Middle Earth content over on Warhammer Community today they lifted the lid on some cool new accessories that are being released.

First of all, Dice! We all love themed dice after all. Three different designs are coming, one featuring the One Ring, another themed for Mordor and finally one for the brave warriors of Rohan.

Secondly, themed range measures!

Now these are seriously cool. Made from hard plastic, each measurer looks like a legendary weapon from the Lord of the Rings. Each of these weapons represent a range.

So, for example Sting is the exact length to measure the movement of a Hobbit. Gandalf’s Staff on the other hand, is the exact length for casting most spells.

How awesome are these!

No date as of yet, but we’d imagine these will be up for preorder at the same time as the new boxed game, later this month.

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