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Matt’s Nighthaunt: Age of Sigmar Second Edition Bank Holiday Challenge!

As you may well know, I have had my eye on the Nighthaunt after seeing the awesome new kits on the way for them in the Second Edition of Age of Sigmar!


I loved the look of these ghostly warriors, and as a hobby butterfly fluttering from one project to the next, one thing called out to me that this might be an army that I can quickly crack out ready for the battlefield – a magical substance that is made from ectoplasm (probably) and the tears of Lord Duncan (Sacred is his name, may your paints always be thin), a paint that is my go to for any smoke or spook effects, Nihilakh Oxide!


I was confident that armed with this I should be able to get an army done in a short space of time as a potential contender for the Throne of Skulls in July. And so, high off the excitement of Warhammer Fest I dashed down to the retail stand and picked up the Knight of Shrouds. This is a brilliant kit released as part of the Malign Portents release, and I had looked forward to picking it up at some point, but with the Nighthaunt on the way the signs had aliened for me to finally paint one! I followed Chris Peach’s guide over on Warhammer TV, which I would be using as the main colour scheme for the eventual army


And here is the finished model!

I was really happy with the result, as had managed to get him done between Archaon’s various stages drying – I was fairly confident I’d be able to get an army done in no time and so took the plunge and ordered a pile of Nighthaunt stuff from our hobby store of choice Element Games


And so on the Saturday of the bank holiday weekend i was faced with a pile of sprues which would build about 500 points of stuff (At current points costs!) – As the Knight of Shrouds had gone so well, I decided to give myself a little challenge – could I get this all painted by the end of the bank holiday? Digging out my tools and paintbrushes I decided to crack on!

And after a few days of painting I had a tabletop ready force I was happy with!


Yeah, ok I missed the deadline slightly – The bulk of the miniatures had been finished by the end of Monday, but had to wait for the wash on the bases to dry and so couldn’t finish those off until Tuesday after work. Still, I was happy with what I had accomplished in a handful of days! The real aim of this is my larger task of trying to get one of each Grand Alliance ready for the launch of Age of Sigmar Second Edition – The armies that made the cut in addition to the Nighthaunt are the Everchosen (Check out our twitter feed for progress on the big man!), Daughters of Khaine and Gutbusters (I have a soft spot for these, as they were my main Warhammer Fantasy army for a long time since they first came out!)

Next on the painting list for the Nighthaunt before all the new stuff drops is a Mourngul, which should be winging it’s way from Nottingham as I type… Until then check out the army so far and please let me know what you think!




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