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Age of Sigmar Second Edition – Artefacts of the Realms

Today’s Age of Sigmar Second Edition preview is up on Warhammer Community, and today it is all about the various artefacts you can give characters that hail from a certain realm…

The Mortal Realms are enormous, and the factions that fight among them are characterised as much by which of the realms they hail from as by their Grand Alliance. Previously, we’ve seen this represented largely through creative paint jobs and appropriate basing, with some hobbyists using clever conversions to identify where their force comes from, such as metallic Skeleton Warriors that hail from Chamon or moss-covered Putrid Blightkings from Ghyran. Now, in the new edition, you’ll be able to represent where your army hails from with 84 – that’s right, 84! – new magic items.

When you’re writing your army list, you have the option to pick a Realm for your army to be from. Perhaps your Freeguild hail from Hammerhal Aqsha, in Aqshy, or perhaps your Slaves to Darkness raid the distant outskirts of Ghur. As well as providing you with loads of opportunities for roleplaying (not to mention painting and converting), you’ll be able to replace one of your normal Artefact picks with a special artefact from your chosen realm.

Each of the seven Mortal Realms has 6 magical weapons and 6 trinkets, artefacts or pieces of armour to choose from, boasting a range of thematic and unusual effects. We’ve previewed a few of these already in our Faction Focuses.

Let’s say you want one member of your army to be a brilliant Bright Wizard from Hysh with a knack for tactics – in this case, you could choose the Aetherquartz Brooch:

Perhaps, on the other hand, your favourite Aspiring Deathbringer is a monster hunter of renown, with the ability to paralyze beasts with fear. In this case, you could use the Beastcaller’s Bones.

Maybe you just want an excuse to model your favourite Hero with a bow, rifle, sling or other ranged weapon, because it looks cool – well, you’re spoiled for choice for ranged artefacts to pick from:

You’re free to represent these artefacts on your model how you wish. Some, like the Rockjaws, are already represented on some models, like the trap wielded by the Thundertusk Beastriders. In some cases, you could be more abstract – the Sunderblade could be shown by a particularly fancy paint job on your Hag Queen’s sword. You could even use these artefacts as the basis for some creative conversions – like using a spare bow from the Sisters of the Watch to add a Wraithbow to your Isharann Soulscryer.

Picking a realm for your army, in short, will let you really go to town making characters that are truly yours and unlocking some nifty new combos for your next matched play army. While your decision is a subtle one, it’ll be a great thematic hook for your games – especially when you combine them with the rules for battling in a realm…

We’ll be previewing these later in the week – in the meantime, why not grab a Hero and start planning some realm-based conversions today.

I think you will agree these all sound brilliant, and love the fact that this will lead to unique converted heroes to represent the various artefacts they can wield! Can’t wait to see what the community will do for these!

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