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X Wing: Second Edition Incoming!


Some fantastic news coming out from Fantasy Flight Games this afternoon, as they have announced that the popular tabletop game X Wing is getting a 2nd edition!

Below is statement taken from the official news post:

Today, Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce the next evolution of your interstellar dogfights: X-Wing™ Second Edition, a game of daring space combat for two players! With three fully assembled and beautifully pre-painted ships, and all the cards, movement tools, tokens, and dice that you need to get flying with the second edition, the X-Wing Second Edition Core Set is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the new mechanics or experience X-Wing for the first time.

While the X-Wing Second Edition Core Set provides everything you need to get started with your first space battles in the new edition, it isn’t all that will be on offer. You can bring your full collection of first edition ships into the new edition with Conversion Kits for the Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, and Scum and Villainy. What’s more, a full hangar bay of expansions will launch alongside the Core Set, giving you plenty of options for creating your squadrons and customizing your X-Wing Second Edition experience.

Some gamers have felt a second edition was on the horizon, as the current game edition has had a large number of expansions and additional ships since the launch of the game. Several gameplay mechanics are being refreshed, of which you can read about in more detail here.


The Force is set to play a larger role and a mobile app and website is going to be launched to help organise your team and games. Furthermore FFG have announced that the way that each of the three major factions play will feel very different to each other.

I really like X Wing, so I’m looking forward to the new edition. Having to choose what direction your ships will take without any idea of what your opponent is going to do is awesome, and leads to some epic dogfights as you try to position your ship in optimal range without leaving yourself open to being shot down.

You can read more about the new edition over at the official news post. It currently has a worldwide release date of September the 13th.

I shall leave you with the official trailer too!

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