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Warhammer 40,000 BIG FAQ 1 (April 2018)

Today the biggest 40k FAQ yet hit, mixing things up and laying the law on things that have been abused a little since the game first came out!

Myself and Dave will be going through this point by point in a podcast FAQ special that should be out in the next couple of days, but while this is still fresh I wanted to cover the initial points from this document!

Firstly two Beta rules from Chapter Approved have now been made legal

Psychic Focus increases the difficulty of Smite by 1 each time you cast it. However different to the Beta rules this caps at 11 meaning that you can always cast it – also Grey Knights and Thousand Sons with the relevant “Brotherhood…” rule are not affected by this!

The next Beta rule that has been made permanent are the character targeting rules – characters can no longer stop other characters from being shot!


In addition to these two Beta rules fully legal, The FAQ also introduces some new Beta rules – these rules are optional at the moment, with the team wanting feedback from the community before they are implemented fully!

The first of these is based on tactical Reserves:

This is very interesting as means that “Alpha Strike” is now a thing of the past (Unless you are Genestealer cults…) as you can now only “Deep strike” in your own deployment zone in turn one! This will massively change how some armies play and should limit turn one attacks that the opponent cannot possibly counter!

The second Beta rule is “Battle Brothers”

With this rule you will no longer be able to take mixed detachments from CHAOS, IMPERIUM, AELDARI, YNNARI and TYRANIDS – this changes things massively for the better as this stops people farming for CP by using the cheapest possible units from all those factions. As this rule causes some units to drop out of any legal slots, the FAQ also details some units such as Sisters of Silence or Assassins who can now take a Vanguard Detachment without a HQ (But gain no CP bonus)

The Ynnari also gain some changes from this:

If Yvraine, the Visarch or the Yncarne is included in a Detachment, all Aeldari units in that Detachment gain the
Ynnari keyword. These units cannot use any of the following abilities, and are not considered to have them: Ancient
Doom, Battle Focus, Rising Crescendo, Power From Pain. Instead, Ynnari Infantry and Biker units gain the
Strength from Death ability, as described below. The Detachment is still considered to be a Craftworlds, Harlequins
or Drukhari Detachment, and so can use Craftworlds, Harlequins or Drukhari Stratagems, Warlord Traits and
Relics respectively. Note that these units will not, however, gain any of the Detachment abilities listed in their
respective codexes (such as The Path of War, Craftworld Attributes, Masque Forms, Drukhari Obsessions, etc.).


So on to the Balance changes in the FAQ (All of these are now legal immediatly!)

Detachment CP bonuses have also been mixed up a little, with Battalions and Brigades gaining more than they currently do!

Rolls to Ignore Wounds after a save has been made have also been modified! Now you can only benefit from one such save!

The FAQ also details some rules designed for tournaments and events:

This limits the number of times the same datasheet can be used within an army! This is an interesting change which should limit spammy lists

These restrictions also do not effect Troops or Transports – so dont worry, the core of your army should be fine!


The final part of the FAQ details some points changes in advance of the next Generals Handbook – The biggest of these is Big Bad Bobby G being upped to 400 points!


But that’s not all! Each individual army FAQ has also been updated, so make sure to see what has changed for your army!

I think this will be a good thing for the game, and excellent to see this happen alongside a video stream detailing the most major of these! As i said in the intro, we will be doing a podcast covering this in more detail very very soon!


Check out the full FAQ here!

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