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Idoneth Deepkin up for Pre Order Next Weekend!

In just one week we will finally be able to pre order the first wave of the newest faction in the Age of Sigmar, the Idoneth Deepkin!


Warhammer Community have revealed a couple of the mechanics that the army has, and will be revealing more throughout the week!


Firstly we have Forgotten Knightmares which looks like it works just like characters in 40k – but with a small twist! You can only target something if it is the closest visible enemy unit (so no hiding a closer unit that is out of line of sight) – this will mean that you will have to take out sacrificial screening units before you can shoot the juicy important stuff!!


And next up we have the Tides of Death – this activates a different ability each battle round which will make playing the Deepkin interesting ensuring you are attacking with the cycle of the Tides!

More news will be coming throughout the week!

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