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The Shadow Queen: Revealed!

Some of you maybe aware that Matt has been busy building and painting a Daughters of Khaine army, as he fell for the teaser video we all saw a few weeks ago.

He’s currently in France, otherwise I’m sure he’d be writing this news post, as we now know that next week the new Battletome (with dice and cards) go up for preorder!

But that’s not all…. We’ve known for a while that Morathi is going to have two minis. Her original form we got to see in the teaser video, but here she is in all of her glory:

Pretty cool eh? Well, by the sounds of it she can trade in some of her magic prowess and transfer into…

Wow! The centre piece models for Age of Sigmar are continuing to impress! Apparently she can go berserk when you damage her too, so she’s going to be a tough opponent. Both minis will be in the same kit.

The article over on Warhammer Community also states that the Avatar of Khaine, usually part of the Bloodwrack Shrine is getting rules on his own, so Matt is glad he has based one!

No word on the other new minis we saw in the teaser video, so it’s safe to say they’ll be up for preorder the following week.

So what do you think? Let us know in the comments or via social media!

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