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Shadow in the Blog: Dave’s Project Post

The 1st of January marks the start of a new year. New resolutions, new goals…new armies!

If I’m honest, I’ve been meaning to log the progress of my new army since the start, but here we are, putting my brush down for a bit so I can make this post.

So my new year army is for 40k, the Tyranids. Some of you may spot that I tried a Tyranid army before, even creating a post when I made a start of them a fair while ago. At the time I liked the scheme I started.

After finishing 3 warriors and my Hive Tyrant I ended up putting my Tyranids down, a bad habit of mine, and starting another new force.

Since then I’ve very nearly painted a Ultramarines force. Determined to fully paint an army for the first time I’ve started my Tyranid army once more with a new paint scheme, that of Hive Fleet Behemoth!

So, what to paint first? How about my big flying warlord, the Hive Tyrant. Yeah, I guess it would have made more sense starting with a smaller model, but I just couldn’t help myself. I’m not an accomplished painter, so I wanted a straight forward paint scheme and Behemoth fit the bill. Re-rolling charges was nothing to be sniffed at either, one of the best Hive Fleet traits in my opinion.

I was very happy with how he turned out! A few of my friends admitted that he looked more menacing than my previous Hive Tyrant, and I fully agree with them.

Moving on, it was time to start painting a troop unit. Roll on the first unit of Tyranid warriors!

I’ll admit, when I first start the ‘edge’ highlight I intended it to be a lot more subtle and neater, however when it went wrong it still, well for me anyway, looked good! So I’ve continued it through my fleet.

3 warriors and a tyrant down, I really wanted to do another beast. I really like the Tyrannofex model, and he’s done well in every game I’ve used him (more recently and when I first dabbled with the ‘nids). To honour him, he was next on the painting desk.

I am super happy with the result. He is by far the best model I’ve painted and was also enjoyable to paint in the process.

This almost brings me up to date with my progress, just space to share my Termagaunts and my Trygon.

The Trygon was a little more difficult to paint, but again I’m pleased with how he looks.

So, what’s next? Well I intent to start my Genestealers and Broodlord, followed by my Swarmlord and my Tyrant Guard.

I really need to work out how to do all their bases too…

Once they are done, I’ll still be far from over, as my final 2,500 point list features a fair few models yet, including a Maleceptor and Toxicrene!

So, that’s how my painting is going, how about their progress on the battlefield?

Well, it’s not going great…

I’ve played 6 games now again various armies and have only scored the 1 victory. That isn’t to say I’ve not come close. Against our friend Mike’s Necrons I lost by just a single Victory Point. One army I did do very poorly against was fellow Sprues and Brewer Matt, whose Slaneesh force almost wiped me out on turn one. Turn One!!!!

I’m learning how best to utilise my army, personally I think it’s my positioning during deployment that maybe letting me down. As the forces grow hopefully I can notch up some more victories!

You can follow my progress, as well as Matts over on our Twitter feed. Make sure you check it out!

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