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Hobby Goals January Update 2023

With the new…ish year in full swing it’s time for the first hobby goal update post of 2023 ! Apologies for the lateness of this update January was an extremely busy month for me but hopefully these should be a bit more regular. The goal I completed is shown in Green.

With the new year I decided that the first model and the first hobby goal I would do would be to paint a model for a new ( to me ) game system Marvel Crisis Protocol and who better to paint than Hulk.

I picked Hulk first because he was surprisingly one of the cheaper character packs for MCP and he is one of the Avengers which I think will be the first affiliation ( army ) I build up, I painted him up using colours from the Army Painter mega paint set with the washes being Games Workshop but overall he went together like a dream and was very enjoyable to paint.

The rest of January was taken up with review content for the site, we were fortunate enough to be sent the new Squigboss with Gnasha Squig and Snarlfang Riders for the Gloomspite Gitz from Games Workshop for free which were really nice kits to build up bringing the number of models I painted in January to 7.

I then painted up some of the new World Eaters (also sent to us from Games Workshop to review for free ) that I plan on doing a full army for later this year which again are really nice models reminding me why chaos is the best in 40k, these models brought my total number of models painted in January to 10 which at first doesn’t sound like much but last year I only painted about 80 ish models; this I feel is just the start this year.

Towards the end of the month me and friend of the podcast Craig ran a two day Age of Sigmar event in Telford at Glass Hammer games with 30 players in attendance. Needless to say after that event I really wanted to play some games.

Towards the end of last year I started setting myself some targets for the next update which I quite liked so I’m going to continue that with this update, so for my next update I want to …

  • Paint at least 15 models bringing the total to 25.
  • Paint a named character for either AOS or 40k.
  • Start reading the Hobbit.

This year has started of great hobby wise although I have only done 1 hobby goal I have a feeling that my motivation has had a big bump, could this be the year that I complete all my hobby goals ? Lets see how I get on next month.

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