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Mercator Pallious Corpse Harvesting Party, Ajex Gorgoth and Rex Spires and Estus Jet Unboxing and Review

Necromunda is a grimdark place. The gangs are vicious and engaged in outright war with each other, various hangers on and mercenaries can be hired for their services, and what about all the bodies – what happens to them? You don’t want to know…

Today we are looking at some of the latest releases for Necromunda in the form of the Mercator Pallious Corpse Harvesting Party, Goliath House Agent Ajex Gorgoth and hired guns Rex Spires and Estus Jet.

Massive thanks to Games Workshop for sending us free kits early to unbox, paint up and review on the site!

If you would like to support the site then why not order your Necromunda goodies through our affiliate Element Games and save yourself some money too!

We have also filmed a full unboxing of these kits that you can see just below or over on YouTube!

So let’s crack open these sets and have a look what’s inside!

First up we have the Corpse Harvesting Party – these are pretty grim, even by Necromunda standards! Essentially they scour the underhive for dead bodies to strip for materials, using the meat to make into Corpse Starch, the nutritious and (probably not) delicious food stuff created in bulk within the factories of the hives! These are one of the organisations that your gang can make a pact with in return for various conditions. One of the benefits is the ability to have a Corpse Harvesting Party join you for your games!

These were so much fun to paint up! I love these kinds of kits as they act as a nice palate cleanser to work on between projects, as they have lots of different textures and colours that don’t feature on your core gang. i also think that these models would be amazing for other games or even used as venator bounty hunters or be the basis of numerous different conversions! Highly recommend picking these guys up!

Next up we have Ajex Gorgoth, Goliath House Agent. Again, this is a model that is hired a little differently to order gangers – instead of just adding him to your gang you have to petition him to join you. If your gang has a low reputation there is a chance that he will join your gang for a cost of 100 or 200 credits depending on how low your petition roll is, however if you are a well established gang then there is less chance for him to decide to join you.

This is an impressive model, however he is very fiddly to build – you’ll see in the photos above that he has a cloak made of chains – which looks really cool, however this is made up of multiple different parts that look very similar. The instructions are not terribly clear on what goes where – so had to guesstimate a little with some of them – though even if some go in the wrong place I can’t imagine any of them would look too unusual as long as you have them all sweeping in the same direction as the momentum.

Finally we cracked open Rex Spires and Estus Jet. Again like other hangers on and hired guns for Necromunda you get a rules sheet for each of them within the blister – which helps with being able to use them straight out of the box, though you’ll still want the relevant Necromunda book for the full rules for the Corpse Harvesting Party. For these guys however everything you need is in the printed materials in the blister.

Again, they are really nice models and a dream to paint up – there’s still some detail i need to go back in with and finish up on this pair, but I really enjoyed working on them. As a painting project they both have a very different feel too, with Rex having multiple augmetics and a more military look to him, while Estus is a bit more casual!

All of these models are currently available to order from Forge World and are released Saturday 28th January

Games Workshop provided Sprues & Brews with free copies for review purposes.

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