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Astra Militarum Reinforcements Unboxings | Lord Solar Leontus, Rogal Dorn Battle Tank, Ursula Creed & Heavy Weapons Team

All of the following kits are up for preorder RIGHT NOW! Save some monies and preorder through our affiliates over at Element Games!

Thanks to Games Workshop we are able to bring you a unboxing video showing off this morning’s next wave of Astra Militarum reinforcements in the shape of two brand new characters, Lord Solar Leontus and Ursula Creed, as well as the new Heavy Weapons teams and of course to round off the releases, the incredible Rogal Dorn Battle Tank.

You can find the unboxing video below. I have also included my painted Rogal Dorn and Creed towards the end of the video:

Sadly, it appears I lost the images of the sprues for the Heavy Weapons teams and Creed to the warp, but I can show you pretty images of the spures for both the Lord Solar…

and the Rogal Dorn:

Both kits were brilliant to build. I kept Ursula separate to her base to make painting easier, gluing her to the base once both were completed.

Want to see some completed models? Of course you do. First up, we have Ursula Creed.

And I was also able to paint the Rogal Dorn within the deadline too! Used a number of the brand new transfers too, which are included with the box. I decided to deck my tank out with the Oppressor Cannon (with co-axial Autocannon), two Meltaguns, Heavy Bolter sponsors and hull mounted Punisher Cannon.

I used ColourForge’s Green spray to undercoat this one (thanks for sending ColourForge!), as I want the tanks in my army to have a darker, more military green colour than Death Guard Green.

Fancy seeing some images of this tank side-by-side with the ole trusted Leman Russ? Here you go!

My goal for this week is to build and paint the Lord Solar, so keep an eye on our social media for updates!

We reviewed the Astra Militarum Codex a month ago. You can check that out here!

Our thanks again to Games Workshop for sending us these kits. All four kits are up for preorder right now over at Element Games.


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