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New Warhammer Underworlds Warband – Grinkrak’s Looncourt and Fearsome Fortress Review

Deep in the heart of the Gnarlwood there are dangers that only the bravest of warriors can hope to endure, foes that only the strongest warriors can slay and mushrooms so poisonous that only the most hearty Grot can eat….. and sometimes survive.

Grinkraks Looncourt and Fearsome Fortress is now up for preorder from Element Games so if you’re a fan of noble grot KNIGHTS !!!! then why not pick up a set and support us at the same time.

Thank you to Games Workshop for sending us a free copy of Grinkrak’s Looncourt and the Fearsome Fortress rivals deck to review.

You can check out our unboxing and painted mini’s below.

Grinkrak’s Looncourt

This is the second Grot warband we have had for Warhammer Underworlds and wow they do not disappoint, where the previous warband was your typical grots with some squigs, Grinkraks Looncourt are noble knights who have eaten slightly too many mushrooms…. ah the life of a grot.

The models were a breeze to build with two of the fighters being two piece models and the most complex only being five pieces, I have to say that Warhammer Underworld’s models are some of the best models I have seen and Grinkrak’s Looncourt are some of the best Grot models Games Workshop do, I mean there’s a squid catapult in the warband and a grot using a squig on a stick as a weapon.

As far as warbands go Grinkrak’s Looncourt are quite fragile with Grinkrak being the most survivable on two defence and three health so expect to loose a lot of your warband, the warband itself can be broken down into two parts, firstly Snorbo da Spore and Skolko and Pronk provide ranged damage with some useful abilities that can break a targets upgrades while the other half of the warband move forwards and act as objective takers or speed bumps. The majority of damage will come from Grip, da wonky lance ( his squig most likely) who with a move of four will be great at taking wounded fighters out of action.

But how does the warband inspire I hear you ask ?

Well Grinkrak’s Looncourt are noble knights and what do knights like to do, they love to go on quests, out of the twelve objective cards in this war band seven have the Quest keyword which works in a interesting way. The Quest cards act almost like upgrades which you can give to your fighters and have specific criteria to achieve. If you achieve the specified criteria you complete the quest and your noble grot knight will inspire !!!! HURRZA !!!!

Looncourt, Scrag Em! for example is great for Snorbo da Spore who will be sitting back most of the time although it could be given to Moonface Nagz or Pointy Burk if you want to be aggressive with your fighters it all depends on the enemy warband which I like because it makes it very important who you give the quests to and at what point in the game although the nice thing is that if your fighter gets killed the objective card gets sent back to your hand for you play in the next power step.

I really like the ploy cards as they give your fighters with quests that extra buff they need to complete those quests, Bold Pile On, Gittish Ferocity and Stab, stab and stab again all add that extra buff if used at the right time to complete certain quests so I really like the synergy with the gambits and objectives for this warband.

The upgrades for Grinkraks Looncourt focus around buffing your fighters, for example with extra damage if supported by friendly fighters ( Kunnin Knight ) or by personal favourite magnificent bounder which is unique for Grib and gives hime flying and +1 move. Interestingly there are only two fighter specific upgrades one for Grib and one for Grinkrak. Overall I don’t think there is a bad objective, gambit or upgrade in the deck which for a rivals deck is what you want.

Games Workshop also sent us the Fearsome Fortress rivals deck as well to review. Grinkraks Looncourt overall looks like a super solid addition to Warhammer Underworlds with phenomenal looking models and a fantastic rivals deck I really do look forward to playing this war band in the future.

Fearsome Fortress

So Fearsome Fortress is a rivals deck that is built for older warbands with the intention of making them more in line with newer warbands which is a great idea. In the pack you get twelve objective cards, ten gambit cards and 10 upgrades.

Overall some pretty good cards, in my opinion with these additional decks I find them slightly harder to complete objectives than the newer warbands especially in rivals format which is how I like to play underworlds now, this deck does allow you to place a feature token on the board (with some restrictions) which a lot of the cards do play off, almost like you have to defend the feature token like a fortress which is a nice mechanic, overall any deck that can reinvigorate some of the older warbands is a great addition to the game and I think most underworld players will want to pick up the Fearsome Fortress deck for that reason alone.

Thank you to Games Workshop for sending us a free copy of Grinkraks Looncourt and the Fearsome Fortress rival deck for review purposes.

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