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Next Week’s Preorders: Leagues of Votann are Here! Necromunda Campaign Book and Goliaths

All of the following is up for preorder next weekend! You can preorder and save cash via our Element Games links (it’ll also help support the website!).

Thanks to Warhammer Community for the following:

40k 600Wide LOGO

Leagues of Votann Army Set

SundayPreview Sept11 Box

It’s been a long wait, but you’ll soon be able to get your hands on the newest faction for Warhammer 40,000. The Leagues of Votann launch set includes 25 new miniatures – Ûthar the Destined (who can also be assembled as a Kâhl), an Einhyr Champion, three Hernkyn Pioneers, and 20 Hearthkyn Warriors.

SundayPreview Sept11 Characters
SundayPreview Sept11 Troops
SundayPreview Sept11 Bikes

This host of stunning miniatures all come with a range of customisation options, including weapons, heads, and more. You can also be one of the first people in the world to get their hands on the brand new Codex: Leagues of Votann. The one in the army set is a Collector’s Edition featuring a special cover, and is packed with background and lore on the Kin, along with rules for using the army in your games of Warhammer 40,000.

SundayPreview Sept11 Book

You’ll also get 50 Leagues of Votann datacards to keep track of your Stratagems and psychic powers, a punchboard with 63 tokens to use as Grudge and Judgement tokens, and two transfer sheets full of insignia.

SundayPreview Sept11 Accessories

This will be your first opportunity to get everything in the box but don’t worry, as the miniatures and regular versions of the codex and datacards will all be available separately soon.

Necromunda 600Wide copy LOGO

Goliath Maulers

SundayPreview Sept11 GoliathBikes

Bring the brutal power of House Goliath out into the ash wastes with these Mauler bikes. Much like their riders, they’re unsubtle creations designed to smash apart enemy vehicles and gangers with their lethal power ram. If your enemies try to run away, the Mauler can be armed with a choice of twin-linked bolters or twin-linked grenade launchers to take them out at range. The kit comes with options for the front wheel and different heads to personalise your new biker gang.

Necromunda: The Aranthian Succession – Cinderak Burning

SundayPreview Sept11 CinderakBurning

You can find the rules for the Goliath Maulers inside the first Aranthian Succession book. As the Great Rift opens, an attempt is made on the life of Lord Helmawr, and Necromunda descends into bitter civil war when the mysterious Lady Credo launches a rebellion. Alongside in-depth background on the state of play on Necromunda, the book includes a new campaign where you can fight for the Imperial House or against it, and 12 new narrative scenarios. There are also rules for Escher Cutters, and the dramatis personae Lady Haera Helmawr, Athera, Gorshiv Hammerfist, and Vespa ‘Minx’ Merdena.

Necromunda: The Aranthian Succession – Cinderak Burning is available in hardback or an epub version from Warhammer Digital.

Necromunda Dice

SundayPreview Sept11 NMDice

Get ready for your adventures out in the ash wastes with these gang-specific dice. The Ash Wastes NomadsIronhead Squat Prospectors, and Orlock Ash Waste dice sets each include three regular D6, three injury dice, an ammo dice, and a scatter dice. 

Vehicle dice are crucial when causing motorised mayhem out in the ash wastes. The set includes a control dice featuring swerve, jackknife and roll results, four damage dice featuring glancing hit, penetrating hit, and catastrophic hit results, and three location dice featuring engine, crew, body, and drive results. You can find rules for using vehicles in Necromunda in Book of the Outlands.

Goliath Gang Tactics Cards

SundayPreview Sept11 GoliathCards

If you missed out on the first set of Goliath tactics cards that came out with their gang, you can pick them up again shortly. The set includes eight tactics just for Goliath gangs, which emphasise their savage nature, 12 cards that any Necromunda gang can use, and six blank fighter cards, which are ideal for keeping track of your leaders and champions.

MiddleEarth 600Wide LOGO

Old Bilbo Baggins™

SundayPreview Sept11 Bilbo

Hot on the heels of the advance pre-order for the Battle of Osgiliath boxed set comes a classic Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game miniature returning on a Made to Order basis. The miniature depicts Bilbo just after his 111th birthday as he prepares to leave for Rivendell. Whether you just want to add this miniature to your Middle-earth collection, are looking for a painting challenge, or want to use him in your games, you’ll have until the 2nd of October to order Bilbo.

All of the above miniatures, books, and accessories will be available to pre-order from the Games Workshop webstore from next Saturday.

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