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Podcast Update: Where is Episode 182?!

Those who follow our podcast will have noticed by now that Episode 182 is not available.

Don’t panic, the podcast is still going!

You may have noticed the podcast has been arriving on different days during the week. Our aim is to record Monday evening for release Tuesday evening. Due to some upload errors, this sadly hasn’t happened.

Without getting into a ton of jargon, our podcast host is doing some upgrades and server switches tomorrow (Tuesday 19th) to hopefully, finally, put these issues to bed.

Fingers crossed the podcast will be up either tomorrow evening, or Wednesday evening at the latest.

Due to the delay with Episode 182, we’ll be recording Episode 183 Wednesday evening, to release Thursday evening.

Tomorrow you may notice some, potentially all, of our previous episodes disappearing from podcast suppliers. Again don’t panic, this will only be temporary!

Thank you all for your patience, normal service shall resume soon!

– Tech-Priest Dave

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