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Maugan Ra, Plastic Avatar, New Tyranids, Knights and Much More Revealed!

Games Workshop have dropped their New Years Day preview video and there are lots and lots of exciting models hidden here! Let’s take a look!

We open up with what looks to be a new Chaos Space Marines Daemon Engine – Some sort of Plasma weapon and the entire thing is very reminiscent of the current Daemon Engine models

Now equally this could also be a new Chaos Knight, as we get a couple of shots that are very clearly Knights of one flavour or another!

This final one here could be another Daemon Engine – but the circular area in the background just makes me think that is where the Knight’s legs attach to the body, with this being some chaotic Mechandrite or weapon trailing beneath the carapace

We also see some Eldar in the teaser, and I am pretty sure this is Maugan Ra, the Pheonix Lord of the Dark Reapers – you can make out Skeletal style armour underneath the robes if you look carefully

That’s not it for the Eldar however, as we also see the first glimpses of the much anticipated Plastic Avatar!

The Bloody Handed God himself! I can’t wait to see this properly!

Maugan Ra isn’t the only bony thing in this preview though, we also see glimpses of what looks to be a new monster for the Bonereapers (And potentially either whatever is riding it or another separate model with a scythe – UPDATE On second thoughts I suspect the Skull shoulderpad and Scythe probably belong to Maugan Ra too)

We also see a glimpse of a new Nighthaunt model too – These guys must be due a new book this year as the are currently one of the oldest Battletomes for Age of Sigmar

We also see what may well be a new Daughters of Khaine model – though I have to admit this could be Drukhari too, but due to the hairstyle and blade I’m leaning to this being a new Aelf – if the next season of Age of Sigmar is set in Ulgu then we could well see reinforcements for Morathi!

Staying in the Age of Sigmar there are a couple of shots that could honestly be anything, however they could potentially be something for the Cities of Sigmar or Dawnbringers Crusade

To me these look like they would gel well with the Cursed City heroes

Another hard to make out one is coming up next, and honestly there’s a few things this could be – Astra Militarum, an Inquisitor (Or Inquisitorial retinue maybe?) or even a brand new Necromunda Ganger? Either way it looks really cool!

And finally we get a look at what seems to be a brand new creature for the Tyranids! We know they won the war in Octarius, so perhaps a new wave of beasties is heading towards Terra…

It looks like we have got an exciting year ahead of us! What do you think these reveals are? Let us know in the comments!

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