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Next Week – Stormcast and Middle-Earth – Dragons out December!

Another week, another host of pre-orders from the forges at Games Workshop! Warhammer Community have shared what is on the way, and the main event is more of the new Stormcast Eternals range – but sadly no dragons yet…

BUT Games Workshop have confirmed that they will be on their way this December! So not too long to wait for them to drop!

SundayPreview Oct17 Bastian

Thats not to say we don’t have some awesome models on the way this week though! Leading the charge is the very very awesome Bastion Carthalos – a great model with some brilliant rules too!

SundayPreview Oct17 KnightRelictor

He is supported by a Knight-Relictor, a priest for your forces

SundayPreview Oct17 Vanquishers

Vanquishers, the new Battleline option for the Stormcast also drop – these get more attacks based on the number of models in the target unit making them a nice little unit to stick into a horde!

We also get kits for Praetors, Annihilators and Vindictors (with Annihilators having the option for the two handed hammers! The other two kits look to be identical to Dominion)

SundayPreview Oct17 Annihilators

The Kruelboyz also get some love with the multipart Man-Skewer Boltboyz and the Dominion Hobgrots!

SundayPreview Oct17 Boltboyz

If you are a fan of Middle-Earth then the new Fall of the Necromancer supplement is also up for pre order

SundayPreview Oct17 FalloftheNecromancerBooks

This covers the White Council heading to Dol Guldor to deal with The Necromancer who has been revealed as the return of Sauron himself during the events of The Hobbit!

SundayPreview Oct17 DolGuldurTerrain

We also get some new scenery to better theme your Dol Guldor based games! Also up alongside this is the new plastic Witch King of Angmar!

SundayPreview Oct17 WitchKing

Meanwhile on Friday Forge World have a couple of new kits on the way, a pair of star players for Blood Bowl – The Verminator and Wilhelm Chaney

SundayPreview Oct17 Kreek
SundayPreview Oct17 Wilhelm

And a new variant Acastus for Adeptus Ttanicus!

SundayPreview Oct17 Asterius

Now I don’t normally cover 3rd party stuff in the pre order post, but I had to give the Ban-Dai Space Marine Advent Calendar a shout out! This is also available to order at the weekend!

SundayPreview Oct17 ChibiCalendar

That is a whole load of stuff on the way, and the year isnt even over yet! Dont forget on the 30th we’ll be seeing even more reveals as part of Warhammer Day too!

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