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Disciples of Be’Lakor VS Skitarii Veteran Cohort Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Battle Report

Over the last couple of weeks we have been back in the studio live each Saturday to bring you a streamed battle report broadcasting to both YouTube and Twitch simultaneously and fighting battles with a narrative focus! With the new edition of Age of Sigmar and the Dominion box being a big deal, the last few shows have all been Age of Sigmar Path to Glory battles – but with the new War Zone Charadon Act 2 Book of Fire out this weekend, we through we should head to the grim darkness of the far future!

In this week’s live battle report we decided to try out one of the narrative missions from the campaign in which Be’Lakor attempts to steal away House Raven’s homeworld of Kolossi! – You can watch the battle below!

Darkness Descends on Kolossi

The scenario is a fun one, with a focus on capturing objectives not in your deployment zone. There are 6 on the board and each one outside of your deployment zone is worth 5 Victory points at the end of your Command Phase (Starting in the second battle round). At the end of the game, the side that wiped out the greatest combined power of units gets an additional 10 points.

As a daemonic legion of shadow is invading the planet however there are are few twists! Firstly the planet is covered in darkness, so you can’t target things further than 24″ away! Secondly, the screaming of Daemonic voices in the heads of those on the planet is a little off putting, so the side with the least victory points does not have access to their aura abilities! And finally, instead of taking Combat Attrition, instead the opponent can use a unit that has failed a morale test to shoot another unit to represent the chaos and confusion on the world!

For the armies we felt we should use the new Armies of Renown from the book, Matt was commanding The Disciples of Be’Lakor and the Skitarii Veteran Cohort were led by Dave! Each force was approximately 55 power and we tried to put together something thematic rather than too gamey!

The Disciples of Be’lakor

The Disciples of Be’lakor is an interesting list – it allows you to take Chaos Space Marines as part of the force however there are some restrictions such as not allowing you to use Greater Daemons or Daemon Engines. You also have to have an equal mix of marks to represent his undivided nature!

Obviously I had to bring Be’lakor himself (Who proved himself to be an absolute beast in the battle!), with him was a unit of furies, a unit of Pink Horrors and a trio of Nurglings to try and grab some early points with. He was accompanied by a contingent of Word Bearers with a Lord of Possenssions, a unit of Chaos Space Marines, 2 Greater Possessed and a pair of Obliterators!

Plan was to use Be’lakor as a terrifying shadowy distraction while the Obliterators took care of any priority targets and the rest of the force fought for objectives.

Skitarii Veteran Cohort

Up against them was Dave’s Skitarii Veteran Cohort – This was made up of a Marshall, Manipulus, Enginseer, 10 Veteran Vanguard, 2 squads of Veteran Rangers, a squad of Infiltrators, a Dragoon, an Archaeoptor Fusilave and a trio of Dunecrawlers!

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