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Warhammer+ Full Subscription Benefits and Cost Announced

Over on Twitch this evening Warhammer Community fully lifted the lid on Warhammer+, a brand new subscription service of which the tag line states ‘More Warhammer, More Often’.

We first heard of this service during the Animation stream a few weeks ago. We were told then that the new Warhammer Animations would only form part of what you would get with this new subscription service.

What Do You Get As Part of Warhammer+?

The question on everyone’s lips, and the answer is, a fair bit!

Let’s go through them one by one

  • Animation: The bit we already knew. All of the brand new Animations will be on Warhammer+, starting with Hammer & Bolter and Angels of Death. The full series won’t be available at launch, they’ll appear in groups of episodes every few weeks
  • Apps: As predicted, the Warhammer 40K app which requires a subscription to use the full features of, Will form part of the offering. Not only that, but GW are launching a brand new Age of Sigmar app similar to the 40K one
  • Exclusive Mini! That’s right! You’ll get the choice of an exclusive mini, with the opportunity to buy the one you don’t pick too. Images of these further below, but you’ll have a choice of a Vindicare Assassin or Orruk Megaboss!
  • Warhammer Vault: You’ll be able to access loads of old publications, such as the Gathering Storm series before 8th Edition Warhammer 40K or the Realmgate Wars from Age of Sigmar.
  • Citadel Colour Masterclass: Louise Sugden will be hosting a show covering advanced painting techniques, and will be taking viewer suggestions to help you with your painting!
  • Warhammer Loremaster: Wade will be presenting a new show that will be delving into the deep lore behind some of the most fascinating characters and events from across the various Warhammer worlds.
  • Battle Report: Filmed narrative and matched play battles from 40K and AoS!
  • White Dwarf: You’ll have access to the entire 2020 catalogue of White Dwarfs! Awesome!
  • Event Extras and Exclusive Offers: Subscribers will be able to gain event bonuses, such as early entry to events, and over the course of your membership we’ll have access to some special offers.

Content drops on a Wednesday. We know so far that Citadel Colour Masterclass will be getting weekly episodes, and I imagine so will Battle Report.

How Much Does Warhammer+ Cost?

For all of the above the subscription costs £4.99 a month, or £49.99 if you wanted to pay for a full year in one go. Considering the cost of the 40K app, in my opinion that’s a bargain!

You can watch the full trailer for Warhammer+ below and can check out the Warhammer Community article about the announcement here.

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