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New Astra Militarum Cadian Shock Troops Upgrade Sprue Unboxing & Review

Up for preorder this morning we have the reboxed Cadian Shock Troops! Order yours from Element Games, save some cash and help support us!

Our thanks to Games Workshop for providing a box to review!

The humble Guardsmen. Expendable, loyal to the emperor and the meat shield of the Imperium. The Cadian Shock Troops are also a very old plastic kit…

It’s clear that Games Workshop don’t plan on giving the Astra Militarum’s main troops a complete model overhaul just yet, however they are now boxed with an upgrade sprue.

Prefer to watch a video? Check out our unboxing below!

Before, should you want a specific Sergeant load out, or a specialised weapon (the original box only came with a grenade launcher and flamer) you’d need to buy a command squad or head over to bitz websites to get what you need.

Now, a humble box of Cadian Shock Troops includes a plethora of options:

⁃ Plasma Gun

⁃ Plasma Pistol

⁃ Laspistol

⁃ Boltgun

⁃ Bolt pistol

⁃ Melta Gun

⁃ 22 Different Heads

⁃ Different arm poses, including a mechanical pointing hand

This allows you to put the special weapon of your choice into your squad, straight from the box. The way it should always have been!

I’ve already built a Sergeant using the new upgrades!

The new upgrade sprue works perfectly with the classic guardsmen kit, and gives the Shock Troops more character. The heads included on the sprue are a diverse bunch, some are female, others are helmeted, and some have some funky military haircuts!

At the time of writing we believe the upgrade sprue is only included within the Cadian Shock Troop box. Warhammer Community mentioned that any sets with the Shock Troops in the future would include this upgrade sprue, so we think it’s a given that when the 9th Edition Astra Militarum Codex drops we’ll get a new Combat Patrol featuring Shock Troops and the upgrades.

The cost of the Cadian box has increased, we believe by around £6-8, which is a shame, as the standard sprues have probably recouped there cost years ago, so would have been nice to have kept the cost the same.

I really like the upgrade sprue, and will be making the most of it as I’m now building a Cadian army!

The reboxed Cadian Shock Troops are up for preorder today along with Gaunt’s Ghosts.

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