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Eldfall Chronicles – Kickstarter is now Live

Eldfall Chroninles, a brand new miniature based skirmish game from Feeecompany has launched on Kickstarter today and you can check out their campaign here!

In Eldfall Chronicles players control a small warband of warriors, mystics and even magical creatures as they do battle against an opponent’s warband or and even AI controlled adversaries. Each model in your warband is unique with access to different skills, abilities, weapons and spells. You can read our early preview of the game here for a more complete run down but suffice to say we’re really excited about this game. The fantasy setting and artwork looks great and each faction has a unique playstyle. We were also really impressed with the unique gameplay mechanics which allow both players to participate during each other’s turn using an activate/react type mechanic.

We’ve been lucky enough to be sent some prototype miniatures and gaming components from Freecompany and we’ll be putting these to good use this week in some games. Be sure to keep an eye on the Sprues and Brews site for some Eldfall related content but in the mean time head over to the Eldfall Chronicles website and Kickstarter campaign and take a look.

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