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Piety and Pain Value Breakdown! Is it worth it?

On Saturday we have a new battlebox up for pre order “Piety and Pain” featuring the Drukhari facing off against the Adepta Sororitas! Traditionally these boxes have not only been a great way of getting a saving on the contents, but also often give you access to models a little earlier than general release. Games Workshop have certainly not disappointed with this one giving you a stack of sprues plus a new character model for each side, all wrapped up in a £105 price tag. So let’s take a look at what you get!

14 03 SundayPreview PPFull0xi3

The Drukhari

14 03 SundayPreview PPDruk8xj3

Lelith Hesparex – £25? (Basing this on the Drazhar model)

5 Scourges – £20

10 Wyches – £22.50

Venom – £22.50

Total value £90

A lot of these are older kits, but they still stand up – if you were planning on getting these anyway then essentially you are getting a small Sisters of Battle force too for an extra £15!

The Adepta Sororitas

14 03 SundayPreview PPSisters9xk1

Palatine – £22.50? (Based on the cost of the Cannoness model)

Immolator – £45

5 Retributors – £32.50

Total Value – £100

Again, amazing value here considering you are essentially getting a stack of free Drukhari if you wanted thee kits separately anyway!

This puts the total value of the box at £190, which considering you will be able to pick this up from 3rd party sites for around £80 makes this an absolute steal! I would be quick however if you want to order this set, as I imagine it will be very, very popular! If you do want to order it then why not do it through our affiliate Element Games to save yourself 20% and help support the site too! Having a Sisters of Battle force and being tempted to dabble in the Drukhari I do have an urge to pick this up myself…

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