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Weekly Hobby Updates | Week 6

It’s late, simply because I forgot about it. Honest. Nothing to do with my output last week…

It’s time to look at what we’ve been up to in the hobby last week!

Dave’s Progress

Well, this is embarrassing.

My hobby resolution to paint a unit every week has stumbled…

Whilst I have started to paint 5 Necron Warriors, they unfortunately are no where near finished.

Pressure is on this week to get them completed, and I’ll need to get another unit done too to make up for missing a week!

Matt’s Progress

Matt on the other hand, has been super busy.

He’s finished Khagra’s Ravagers! He started doing some of the NMM bits on his last stream.

Not only that, but he’s been testing NMM on the old Sigvald model (which he has also replicated on his Ravagers).

And he hasn’t stopped there! During the week’s he’s been building a plethora of Marvel Crisis Protocol minis! Can’t wait to see these painted!

Jay’s Progress

Jay is pressing on with painting Horus Heresy era Blood Angels!

He’s finished building his first unit of Dawnbreakers (heads separate for painting purposes!) and has started painting his Leviathan Dreadnought!

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