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Weekly Hobby Updates | Week 4

It’s that time of the week where we look back at what we’ve been doing in the hobby this past week!

As always we’ll be discussing our hobbying on our latest podcast which will be released Tuesday evening!

Dave’s Progress

The hobby resolution train rumbles on!

This week I decided to tackle my first Necron ‘tank’, the Doomsday Ark!

Love the cannon on this thing! Made sure I tackled it in three sub assemblies, the cockpit, cannon and main body of the Ark.

Matt’s Progress

This week Matt has taken a little break from Warhammer minis!

He has been testing out the Instar Alpha range of paints by painting an assortment of fantasy miniatures, including an awesome minotaur from Atlantis Miniatures!

He actually painted the Minotaur on his Sunday live stream, which can be watched back here.

Jay’s Progress

Jay has been really busy!

First of all he has finished his awesome Angel Tears for his Blood Angels Horus Heresy army!

He has also built, again for his Blood Angels, a Contemptor-Incaendium Class Dreadnought! Who doesn’t love a dreadnought with a jump pack on the back!

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