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Weekly Hobby Updates | Week 3

So what have the Sprues & Brews team been painting this week?

As always we will be discussing our hobby updates on this weeks podcast.

Dave’s Progress

I’ve been pressing on with the Necrons this week! And have managed to get a fair bit done!

I’ve managed to complete the Plasmancer, 2 x Cryptothralls and 5 Necron Warriors with Flayers from Indomitus. All based and finished!

Matt’s Progress

Matt has been rattling through some Horus Heresy Sons of Horus vehicles!

He’s now finished his Land Raider Proteus, Termite Drill and Dreadclaw! They look superb! Wondering how he weathered them? Check out his last stream.

Jay’s Progress

It’s all about Angel’s Tears this week for Jay, as he’s been busy highlighting his big Dawnbreaker squad for his Horus Heresy Blood Angels!

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